18 Travelers That Just Wanted a Vacation, but Bad Luck Was Lurking Around the Corner

It’s hard to argue with the idea that any trip is a source of unforgettable impressions. And some users share the funny stories that happened to them during their vacations — from being exposed to mosquitoes too much, to having no window near the plane seat.

We at CHEERY love sharing vacation stories. And so do the people from today’s compilation. And the bonus makes it clear that for some, surprises don’t end even after they come back home.

“The plane I’m in is super foggy for some reason.”

“In the Philadelphia airport, someone put a sticker of a plug socket on the wall. It appears to have tricked a lot of people, considering the wear.”

“Saw an iPhone in the water underneath the Manta ride at SeaWorld, San Diego.”

“First overseas flight in 9 years! Paid extra for a window seat, so I can see everything.”

“I didn’t wear bug spray today. I think I should have.”

“Drove my 17-year-old son to visit my childhood home.”

“Taking a road trip and stopped to pick up a snack because I was starving. This is my blueberry and cream cheese danish.”

“Promised my son we would go see Mount Rushmore.”

“Spotted these life jugs on a trip to the lake in Tennessee.”

“I flew nearly 5,000 miles to get drone shots of Ireland and forgot my charger.”

“Went on a camping trip at a state park a few days ago with a few bug bites. Went to a bonfire at my friend’s backyard and got 25+ bites in 1 hour.”

“On a trip, booked a first floor room. The first floor is really the basement. Beautiful view out the tiny window.”

“Found a toilet full of vegetables at Pearson International Airport.”

“Late night flight cancelled. The airline was unable to put us in a hotel.”

“I had a small stopover in Singapore, so decided to visit the famous Michelin star restaurant in the hawkers market. They closed 15 minutes before I arrived.”

“The valet driver for the hotel I stayed at with my girlfriend for Valentine’s Day decided to take my car for a joyride.”

“Put a soda in the hotel refrigerator last night, and apparently it was way colder than it should have been.”

“Nothing like losing some vacation photos to start the weekend.”

Bonus: Someone gets surprises even after the vacation ends.

“For a month, I thought I lost my wedding ring on a cross-country road trip. I called gas stations, pawn shops, searched lost and found posts. Finally, I gave up ever seeing it again when we realized it was under my husbands’ deodorant!”

What unexpected things happened to you during vacations?

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