12 Things That Happen Quickly and Easily in Movies, Unlike Real Life

Movies are often full of stereotypes, but some of them are so frequently used from one story to another that they can irritate the attentive viewer. It’s obvious that things aren’t that simple in real life. If a real person were to imitate what they saw onscreen, they would be wasting their time, or worse, endangering themselves. For example, you can easily catch a cold from a kiss in the rain. Even examples of extremely successful people can lead to sadness, because you know you’re not that perfect.

Kissing in the rain

Romantic conversations in the rain have become a classic in romantic movies. The characters realize they cannot live without each other and start kissing. It looks beautiful, sure. But in real life, this can make you ill. People use hoods and umbrellas to protect themselves from this kind of weather. If you stay out in the elements, cold water pours down the neck, clothes become uncomfortable, and the moment is ruined.

Nothing can really hurt characters

Action movies have lots of fighting sequences. Brave characters fight villains and they have no mercy. It’s sometimes quite painful to even watch. But there’s nothing to worry about. No matter what happens, the character just gets up and continues his path. Of course, any real person in this situation would need an ambulance.

Workaholics have enough time for everything

In Hollywood, they love showing very successful people who treat work as the most important thing in life. These people are already in the office at 7 in the morning, followed by a long series of meetings, contract signings, and even midnight negotiations. And the next morning it all starts again. It would seem that with such a busy schedule, the character in question should be truly exhausted. But not in the movies. There, the characters look like models from magazine covers; think of Harvey Specter in Suits. They even somehow find time for a morning run or boxing, yet show no signs of tiredness or circles under their eyes.

Talking next to a plane

Dramatic scenes at the airport are another romantic comedy cliché. A character flies away, and the other one realizes they can’t let them go. The viewers watch the character run, buy a ticket they don’t need, and chase after their special someone. After that, they talk, leave the airport effortlessly, and drive off into the sunset. But in real life, security people at airports are not that friendly. And they will definitely ask a lot of unpleasant questions if you buy a ticket last-minute, travel without luggage, go through the check-in process, and then not fly.

Online searches are always successful

Even if the characters are searching online for something completely unusual to the familiar world, they still find the necessary information after just a couple of clicks. For example, when Bella suspected that there was something supernatural about Edward, she quickly found the answer on the internet. But let’s be honest, if in real life a person searches for information about vampires and werewolves, they will have to wade through a significant amount of data about pop culture, such as movies, series, and books. Once they get past all those other things, they’ll probably only find some disjointed and conflicting chat forums.

Getting a tattoo is quick and easy

Of course, getting a tattoo is not that hard. You don’t even need to spend too much time choosing a design. But in movies, characters are often too careless about tattoos. Tattoo artists in Friends and Divergent don’t talk about how to take care of them. They don’t warn them about hot showers, put special film on it, or prescribe special ointments for healing. The characters just get tattoos and then move on with their lives — working out in the gym, or going to the sauna. Of course, in real life, these things should be avoided.

Random clues help

In detective stories, such as Castle, Elementary, and many others, when brave characters are searching for answers, every little detail is magically related to the case. A message on a book, a card, or even a receipt in a pocket. But almost every person is surrounded by things that have no meaning for anyone but themselves. A book with a message from a grandmother, a holiday card from friends, or a receipt for a purchase of a bottle of water and bananas — in real life, these details are more likely to lead to dead ends. Finding the real clue among all of these extra items could take forever.

A charming person can sell anything

A talented and charming salesperson can sell anything. A couple of witty phrases and a customer who came to the car dealership for a family minivan agrees to buy an expensive and cool sports car. From watching those scenes, you would think they have a lot of money, everything is affordable, and only a charming young man in a suit is between the buyer and the expensive thing. But in real life, most people make big purchases more thoughtfully. And even if deep down you want to go home in a cool modern car, the family budget can prevent such foolish expenses.

People love rude weirdos

Some movies and series revolve around weird people; think of Sheldon Cooper from The Big Bang Theory and Gina from Brooklyn Nine-Nine. They can be unbearable, selfish, and even rude. But even though they are difficult to be around, people still tolerate them. In reality, not everyone would put up with such behavior.

Toilets are never used the way they should be

Of course, nobody expects to see the details of people’s toilet routines in movies. But toilets are still often shown on the screen. Characters use them as a place to cry, sit and rest, eavesdrop on someone, or even meet a superhero. In real life, people use toilets differently.

Women are always ready for an unexpected date

In movies, women can meet their soul mate anywhere and anytime. At work, at dinner, at the store, even at the laundromat. And, of course, she is always ready for a date. Nothing is stopping her — not messy hair, or a run in her stocking. Her underwear is always good-looking and her legs are always shaved. But in reality, things rarely go this way. Sometimes women wear untidy buns on their heads and track bottoms, they just want to go home and lie in the bathtub. They don’t want to go on a sudden date; they would rather postpone until Friday, when they can be mentally prepared and wear their best outfit.

Friendships between men and women always result in romantic relationships

If a man and a woman meet in a romantic comedy, and they are just friends, there’s a huge chance they will be a couple by the end of the story. They will realize they’ve always loved each other, and they don’t need anyone else. But true friendship between men and women exists. They can spend time with each other for years without any physical attraction.

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