14 Acting Duos Who Had Such Great Chemistry That It Almost Distracted from the Storyline

Portraying a loving couple so that viewers honestly believe you’re in love is no easy job. And very few actors actually succeed at this. But still, there are some good examples to recall. In the ’30s, people enjoyed watching Vivien Leigh and Clark Gable; in the ’80s, Bruce Willis and Cybill Shepherd; and at the end of the ’90s, Jennifer Aniston and David Schwimmer.

Mira and Jonathan, Scenes From a Marriage (2021)

The mini-series, Scenes From a Marriage, with Jessica Chastain and Oscar Isaac in the leading roles is a remake of the 1973 film. Both movies are about marriage, fading love, and feelings that people have about these things. As critics say, the duo was so convincing that it seems that the actors really love each other.

By the way, one of the features of the series are the shots where the actors come to the set and prepare for work, so you can see where Chastain and Isaac’s relationship ends and where Mira and Jonathan’s feelings start.

Adaline and Ellis, The Age of Adaline (2015)

The creators of The Age of Adaline had a hard time looking for an actress for the leading role. First, Katherine Heigl turned it down, followed by Natalie Portman. But in the end, the girl who doesn’t age that’s been living for a century was portrayed by Blake Lively, and her partner was played by Michiel Huisman.

Ross and Rachel, Friends (1994-2004)

The relationship of Jennifer Aniston and David Schwimmer seemed so real onset that their colleagues kept joking about them all the time. But the actors themselves say that it wasn’t anything bigger than mutual respect and a slight crush. By the way, the first kiss between Rachel and Ross was the first kiss between Aniston and Schwimmer.

Jackson and Ally, A Star Is Born (2018)

In 2018, another great movie couple appeared — a rock musician and his love. Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga appeared in A Star Is Born. Not only did they look good together, but they also really sang the songs in the film and won an Oscar for it.

David and Maddie, Moonlighting (1985-1989)

These actors from the show about a detective agency continued to appear on the lists of the “best couples.” For several seasons, their relationship drew viewers to the small screen.

Belle and Prince Adam, Beauty and the Beast (2017)

The Emma Watson and Ryan Gosling duo was supposed to happen twice but the actress turned down La La Land and the actor turned down Beauty and the Beast. So Dan Stevens portrayed the Beast, and viewers really want a sequel to the story.

Gabrielle and Carlos, Desperate Housewives (2004-2012)

The iconic couple, Gabrielle and Carlos from Desperate Housewives, was on the show for 8 seasons. The events they got through together were wealth and poverty, cheating and forgiveness, and a lot of other adventures.

Jamal and Latika, Slumdog Millionaire (2008)

8 Oscars, 4 Golden Globes, and 7 BAFTAs — all these awards went to Slumdog Millionaire. Young actors Dev Patel and Freida Pinto portrayed the main roles. To make them look like a loving couple, the director made them walk around Mumbai together.

Katniss and Peeta, Hunger Games (2012)

For several movies, fans of The Hunger Games watched the main character choose between 2 men. Jennifer Lawrence talked about why she stayed with Peeta, saying, “Peeta represents the life that Katniss has sought through all of these movies, it’s just peace and a safe family.” By the way, Emma Roberts and Chloë Moretz came awfully close to portraying Katniss.

Carrie and John, Sex and the City (1998-2004)

In 1998, millions of viewers started watching the love blossom between Carrie and John. In 12 years on the screen (the series and 2 films), they were together, apart, and married. Very soon, a new chapter of the story is supposed to be released where, according to some rumors, they get divorced.

Karl and Simone, Why Women Kill (2019)

The show, Why Women Kill, quickly won over the hearts of viewers, especially in China. There, the posts where people discussed the show were really popular. Luci Liu and Jack Davenport earned an army of fans.

Nicole and Charlie, Marriage Story (2019)

The characters of Nicole and Charlie are dealing with a divorce that becomes a big shock for their son, Henry. One of the critics said that this movie shows everything there is to know about divorce. The acting done by Scarlett Johansson and Adam Driver won them nominations for an Oscar and a Golden Globe.

Simon and Daphne, Bridgerton (2020-now)

Another couple that a lot of people like consists of Simon and Daphne from Bridgerton. Phoebe Dynevor and Regé-Jean Page portrayed the main characters. It’s worth noting that the first season was an adaptation of the book, The Duke and I.

Anthony and Kate, Bridgerton (2020-now)

In the second season of Bridgerton, Kate and Anthony had amazing chemistry. The show’s creator even said so: “I described you guys as magnets. You can really feel that tension and you’re just drawn to each other through the season and it’s really something to behold.” This just goes to show how great both actors are at their jobs! In real life, the duo would not be incompatible; Jonathan Bailey, who plays the role of Anthony, is gay.

Which of these actor duos that portrayed loving couples do you like the best?

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