18 People Who Received the Worst Gift of Their Life

Many people like to not only receive gifts but to give them as well. And, of course, it’s important to give the person something that will bring them genuine joy. Sometimes, however, the presents are so ridiculous, absurd or inappropriate that you just have to laugh through your tears. That’s exactly what these Reddit users have decided to share with the internet.

“After working 3 positions and managing 20 employees, here’s my work Christmas gift.”

“Got a Christmas gift that I hope isn’t derivative.”

“Secret Santa at school, $10 minimum + I specifically asked for no candy”

“After seeing the pic of my nephew in his new Christmas gift, my SO thinks he ‘might have ordered the wrong size...’”

“Hubby just received this through the mail. A Christmas present from a colleague”

“Nephew’s Christmas present. Cash hidden in a glued-shut wooden box encased in expanding foam. Obligatory red herring of trail mix on top. Try opening this gift in 2 seconds!”

“Christmas gift from my dad. I don’t live anywhere near bears, it’s also my birthday.”

“Got the wrong puzzle in our custom puzzle gift, and it was missing a piece.”

“My girlfriend decided to wrap up a Christmas present. There is a Funko Pop in there.”

“My Christmas present for my wife. I told her it was a stocking filler.”

“The big present is for my brother; inside is a $50 bill and nothing else.”

“This is what I got as a gift from my company for successfully going live with a client with a 2M€ contract; seems pretty fair.”

“The gift my employer gave me after being here for 5 years (It’s a pin).”

“This is the one gift my sister decided to give me this year.”

“My mother-in-law knowingly gifted me a bunch of goodies that I literally cannot consume thanks to reconstructive jaw/craniofacial surgery I had to undergo earlier this year.”

“Everyone at work got amazing heartfelt gifts for secret Santa, and I got a bottle of car detailer as a joke.”

“Passive-aggressive coworker surprised me with a gift.”

“My spouse told her mother that I collect silver spoons for tasting food while I cook. My Christmas present just arrived.”

What are some of the most memorable gifts that you’ve ever received?

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