20 Women of the Past With Unique Beauty It’s Hard to Look Away From

Beauty standards are changing at lightning speed. It seems that only yesterday, full lips and bronze bodies were what every girl wanted. And today, these standards are shattered, magazines and runways show girls in their natural beauty. Just like it was hundreds of years ago.

We at CHEERY decided to check archive photos and now we’re convinced that true beauty doesn’t depend on cosmetic procedures and tons of makeup.

African American woman, c. 1850

Malay Woman on Java, c.1860

akg-images / East News

Woman in South China, c.1868

Woman from Canton, c.1870

akg-images / East News

Luise Margarete of Prussia, c.1875

akg-images / East News

Cheyenne bride. Young Native American woman, 1879

Heritage Art / Image State / East News

Portrait of a young woman, 1880

Fannie Barrier Williams, African American educator, с. 1885

East News

Lady Mary Elizabeth Windeyer, 1st President of the woman Sufferage League, 1890

Sissieretta Jones, 1896

Elisabeth, Queen of the Belgians, c. 1900

akg-images / East News

Society beauty Consuelo Vanderbilt, c. 1900

GG Vintage Images / UIG Art and History / East News

Portrait of a young woman, 1905

In Lotus-Land Japan, 1910

The Print Collector / Image State / East News

Woman with eyes half shut, 1910s

Native American woman of the northwestern United States, 1912

Heritage Art / Image State / East News

Stefania Jezierska, c.1920

Archiwum rodzinne Jezierskich / East News

Portrait of an unknown woman, 1925

Woman wearing traditional Arab clothing, 1925

Young woman wearing the traditional costume of Brittany, 1930s

akg-images / Jules Dortes / East News

What do you think is the essence of true feminine beauty?

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