20 Women Who Had to Learn Firsthand That a Visit to a Beauty Salon Is Always a Lottery

When we visit a makeup artist or any other beauty specialist, we expect that this cosmetic procedure will help us hide our imperfections and emphasize our strong sides. But it’s not always the case because the result can be a total failure.

At CHEERY, we found Internet users who had to learn firsthand that a visit to a so-called “beauty professional” can lead to quite unexpected results.

1. “She wanted a goth look. The makeup artist said, ’I can do it for $75 and it will be fantastic’.”

“I think I’m more impressed at the glow up she did (on the right) in 20 minutes with makeup wipes, mascara, and Covergirl foundation. We need a slow clap for that shizz.” © holykh**st / Reddit

2. “So I got my makeup done by a ’professional’. I was thinking it would be an opportunity to figure out what I should be doing with makeup.”

3. “They kept messing my nails up and redoing them! Also, they didn’t touch my cuticles at all.”

4. “I guess I got what I paid for with this free look. I asked the makeup artist for a homecoming makeup.”

5. “My friend got her makeup done for a wedding.”

“I winced at her cheek contour, but I literally said ’Oh no’ out loud when I noticed her nose.” © sryyourpartyssolame / Reddit

6. “I paid for this. It was my birthday gift from my husband. I wanted to experience a professional artist. I cried when I saw this. I had to go to dinner after looking like this.”

7. “When I say give me bangs, I don’t mean this.”

8. “I asked for a peachy subtle look for my wedding.”

9. “My sister’s friend got her nails done by a ’professional’ nail artist.”

10. “Yes, it was done at a real salon. And yes, she did cry when she saw it.”

11. “I asked for 3 inches off, she cut off 5 inches. I came home to find out it wasn’t even straight or even.”

12. “This is me before a small fashion show I was supposed to be in. Lesson learned and I never let another makeup artist touch my face without looking at their previous work before.”

13. “The makeup artist told me that a warm color on my face would exaggerate the warmth and make my face look very red. Now I look like a 90s Barbie doll.”

14. “I paid $80 to get my nails done.”

15. “This is how they massacred me. If you look at the bottom right of the photo you’ll see my actual skin tone. I told the artist I wasn’t tanning and she still made me this dark.”

16. “The makeup and hair trial before my wedding. I’m clearly terrified.”

17. “I went to a salon today.”

18. “My best friend got this done at a beauty salon today.”

19. “My sister got a 10-dollar haircut earlier today.”

20. “I paid a makeup artist to give me an orange face that doesn’t match the rest of my body. Look at the neck difference!”

Do you have a bad beauty salon experience? Tell us about it in the comments below.

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