20+ People Who Just Wanted a Quick Bite and Instead Were Bitterly Disappointed

It’s not always possible to eat only homemade food, and sometimes we just have to go out and have a meal at a café or restaurant. And when we do, we expect to enjoy our food because we pay for it, after all. But unfortunately, that’s not always the case, and we can end up being really disappointed.

The heroes of this article also had to go through this experience, and they decided to share their most disappointing meals online.

“$3 pasta salad I ordered at an airport restaurant”

“I ordered tomato bisque at a restaurant and got this. It tasted like it was just heated up tomato sauce.”

“I paid $8 for this toasted sandwich. This was not the only piece of shell.”

“The restaurant stapled the straw to the bag.”

“My hospital breakfast”

“This ’blueberry’ muffin I ordered”

“My friend’s $127 steak and 4 shrimp room service dinner from Disney World”

“I haven’t gotten take-out in a while due to finances but really wanted a sandwich. This was the ’egg salad sandwich’ that arrived.”

“I ordered what this restaurant had aptly named ’Curry Surprise.’”

“This ’juice’ my school serves for lunch”

“The hotel offered us a take-away breakfast of pastries and coffee for a very early check-out. We opened the bag to find this sandwich.”

“Last time I order pizza at this restaurant.”

“Why do restaurants serve shrimp with tails? Especially in soup. This one even has the legs still.”

“My mom ordered a crispy chicken chili wrap and got it...without the chicken.”

“I ordered grilled cheese at a restaurant in Italy. This blob costs 6 euros.”

“I ordered chicken wings, not pigeon wings.”

“I ordered a hot dog with ketchup only. They sort of got it right.”

“I ordered a chicken burger and got this.”

“I got mashed potatoes like this.”

  • In Singapore, they have these machines where you put a cup under and this liquid comes pouring out and solidifies in a minute and becomes mashed potatoes. © Minestrike1 / Reddit

“Оrdered a sandwich with chicken and lettuce. This is what I got.”

“I ordered mozzarella sticks, and they came empty.”

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