20 Familiar Products That Have Become Smaller Without Us Noticing This

Sometimes manufacturers are ready to use any trick to reduce their production costs. They can use cheaper ingredients in foods, or reduce the volume or weight of their products without changing the packaging. And it seems that the latter has become pretty popular lately.

But some Internet users noticed this and shared their discoveries with the whole world. At CHEERY, we will be more attentive to studying the product packaging from now on.

“They couldn’t even wait until the old one was gone to put up the new size.”

“I never thought I’d catch it so blatantly myself — a grocery store in Canada.”

“I spent $9 on a set of colored pencils with a good variety of colors, only to find out the pencils aren’t full size. Nowhere does the packaging indicate they’re colored golf pencils.”

“They finally did it: Corn flakes, family size, ~21% smaller.”

“I fill canisters with our dry goods. The past year things have gone from filled to nearly spilling, to this.”

“The box labeled large size has less cereal than the normal box.”

“The bars advertised as 50g but coming in at 41g”

“I bought a bottle of Febreze for the first time in a few years, and still had the old bottle. New one is 37,5% smaller.”

“They don’t have the same specs but the previous roll is 141 feet long according to the vendor, and now the new rolls are 106 feet. Still 130 sheets per roll though!”

“Right one is from a few months ago.”

“Many juices have gone from 64 oz to 59 oz to 52 oz over the years while the price has remained the same or increased.”

“The one on the left, I purchased last month 11.3 oz for $4.98. The one on the right, I purchased yesterday 9.6 oz for $ 5.32. And the lid doesn’t fit properly on the new can, it won’t stay on.”

“I would like to thank them for increasing the size of their bottle by −17%.”

“Cat food. It was $55 for 24 pieces in 5.8 oz cans. Now it’s $62 for 24 pieces in 5.1 oz cans. That’s 0.7 oz. less per can, and $7 more per case.”

“It’s happening to everything, and you have to read the fine print.”

“New ‘family size’ shampoo is now 222 ml less. Both were $1.99.”

“The bag on the left, I bought a week ago for $9.50. The bag on the right, I bought today for $9.50. Spot the difference.”

“In 2018, the bigger bottle was $5.97. Then it was $6.97. Today it was $6.97 with a new, smaller bottle.”

“This is really starting to annoy me, 50 ml shrinkage.”

“I noticed the cans were shaped differently — taller but narrower. Then I found some older chunky cans hidden in the back.”

Have you ever noticed that some food or product packages have become smaller? Share your photos in the comments below.

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