20+ Unusual Things That Make Ordinary Designs Look Boring

People who are fond of designing things often bring their ideas to life. Their ideas are not always understood but they definitely leave no one indifferent. The heroes of our article are just these people who found or created quite unusual things.

Some projects might seem to you weird or even silly, but we, at CHEERY, admire enthusiasts who are not afraid to create something extraordinary.

“Got tired of fighting with the dipping so I designed a bowl with an inward fold”

“I built a tensegrity table stage piece for an electronic artist”

«This car covered in pennies»

«Toilet at a hotel»

“This seashell kitten my mom loves is absolutely horrifying.”

“I saw this bike while shopping at a flea market.”

«These salt and pepper shakers that my aunt keeps on her shelf»

“A handmade leather purse I purchased in Thailand. The details and structure are amazing.”

“I made a glass mirror with koi fish design.”

This modern design table raises a lot of questions. How to use this hole, for example?

“My recent obsession is designing paper clips.”

“I carved a chess set.”

“My gang of toothy brooches. These designs were my first.”

“My uncle built other designer’s furniture for 35 years. He finally started building his own.”

A dispenser for paper tissues.

“I built this desk and hung it from the ceiling.”

“My grandparent’s carpeted bathroom.”

“Talk to the foot”

“This rabbit I saw at home goods, we may buy it”

“Turf flip flops at the Sanuk store in Downtown Disney”

“I found a phone that is shaped like a ketchup bottle at a thrift store today”

Have you ever come across some weird design?

Preview photo credit Achaeminus / Reddit
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