13 Stars Who Are Crazy About Folk Beauty Tricks

We know that nowadays there are many products to enhance our beauty and, without a doubt, celebrities have access to the most expensive cosmetics. However, many of them claim that the secret to looking more beautiful can be just a few steps away at home if we get creative.

1. Lady Gaga wears tape on her face.

The singer is a fan of face lift tape to change the shape of her face. “When I have the wig cap on and tape my face, it’s a kind of meditation for me. Every day starts the same way. It’s like a mantra,” she explained.

2. Kate Hudson dips her face in ice water.

Kate Hudson’s long career has led her to work with many makeup artists, so it’s not surprising to learn that she often makes use of a few tricks she’s seen the pros do when going through her personal care routine. The actress says that one tip she learned to bring a tired face back to life and put color in her cheeks is to soak her face in ice water for a minute.

3. Cameron Diaz applies eye drops to her acne.

Gucci Westman, Cameron Diaz’s makeup artist, has shared the actress’s secret for quickly getting rid of pimples. She says that after popping the pimple, the actress applies a medication that prevents infections in cuts on the skin and then applies eye drops. This way, she gets rid of the redness and swelling.

4. Chloë Grace Moretz washes her face with olive oil.

You may think that oil and acne have absolutely nothing to do with each other, but the actress, who had to battle cystic acne growing up, says that washing her face with olive oil helps her stay blemish-free.

5. Cardi B shaves her face.

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The singer’s makeup artist, Erika La Pearl, has shared that to prepare Cardi’s skin before makeup, she uses a dermaplaning tool, which is usually a blade, to achieve a smoother look. This procedure removes the famous “peach fuzz” we have on our face and exfoliates the skin.

6. Shailene Woodley uses shampoo once a month.

The Divergent actress said that when she has short hair, she shampoos only once a month. “The oilier [the hair], the better,” she said. In addition, she considers it more favorable since she has to apply fewer products to her hair.

7. Julianne Hough whitens her teeth with turmeric.

The dancer and judge of Dancing with the Stars has one of the whitest and brightest smiles in Hollywood. She claims that turmeric is her great ally to whiten her teeth.

8. Laverne Cox cleans her face with baby shampoo.

The Orange Is the New Black actress revealed that she washes her face with baby shampoo. “If it’s gentle enough for a baby, it’s gentle enough for your face!” she assures.

9. Salma Hayek doesn’t wash her face in the morning.

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Washing your face is one of the first things many people do when they wake up. However, for Salma Hayek, it’s best to wait until the end of the day. The actress explains that her grandmother taught her that skin regenerates when you sleep, and that washing your face first thing in the morning removes the oils and pH that your skin restored during the night.

10. Margot Robbie applies diaper rash cream to her lips.

The popular actress has a theory that lip balms don’t really work. That’s why she keeps her lips moisturized by applying a cream that is used to soothe irritations and chafing on babies’ skin.

11. Nicole Kidman cleanses her hair with juice.

Nicole Kidman has always had beautiful, shiny hair. For the actress, one way to take care of her hair is to wash it with different juices depending on what color it is. “If you have red hair, try washing it with cranberry juice,” she said.

12. Kim Kardashian uses a rice water hair mask.

Kim Kardashian’s secret to long, thick, and strong hair is rice water. She confirms that massaging rice water — which can be generated by soaking uncooked grains of rice in a bowl of water — into your locks results in a “noticeable difference in growth.”

13. Catherine Zeta-Jones brushes her teeth with strawberries.

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Catherine has confirmed that her secret to achieving the perfect set of pearly whites is brushing your teeth with strawberries instead of toothpaste. “I brush my teeth with strawberries because I was told they’re a natural teeth whitener and it really works,” she revealed. “They taste better than most toothpastes, too.”

What other unusual tips do you know of that help you stay beautiful? What’s one product that’s part of your beauty routine that was actually created for another use? Share your tricks in the comments.

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