20 Life Hacks That Can Solve Most of Your Everyday Problems in a Matter of Seconds

Surely many of us have happened to look at a worn-out T-shirt or a hairbrush that was completely covered with dirt and think, “The time has come to get rid of it.” Or when holding a bunch of keys, we tried to figure out which was the one to the office, and which was the one to the house. It turns out that there are easy ways to deal with these problems, you just need to know the right life hacks.

At CHEERY, we still can’t understand how we could ever live without these ingenious life hacks. Now we can solve our everyday problems in a blink of an eye.

1. This is an easy way to keep your necklaces from tangling while traveling. Just have a backup hair tie.

2. This is how you can cover the corners of a bed.

3. To avoid mixing your keys, you can mark them with nail polish of different colors.

4. For instant used tissue disposal, join an empty tissue box with a new one using some rubber bands.

5. If you don’t have a nail polish remover, you can use eau de toilette.

6. Do you also hate the sound of dripping water? While you’re waiting for a plumber, you can wrap the faucet in a plastic bag.

7. You can clean your hairbrush with an ordinary toothbrush.

8. This is how you can drip-dry your toilet brush to avoid “poop soup” in the brush holder.

9. If you have to transport those 3 or 5 gallon water jugs in your car, secure them with a seatbelt to prevent a small flood.

10. You can have your sweat absorbed and prevent foggy glasses when cycling with this one easy trick.

11. “This is how I make iced coffee without diluting it.”

12. You can use the tab on the cap to cut open the seal of a pill bottle.

13. “I make cat toys from repurposed yarn. I’ve been able to remove a lot of yarn, pillows, and stuffed animals from landfills.”

14. “I found a way to bypass using a Ziploc bag to crush pretzels. Just a sheet pan and a rolling pin! And it worked great!”

15. Chopsticks can easily become stakes for indoor plants.

16. “My neighbors threw away a bookcase. I drilled some drainage holes, snagged the town’s free compost and now I have a place for 20 pepper plants.”

17. “Bringing new life to my clothes with a box of navy rit dye”

18. “I sewed my own wrist-rests out of old T-shirts.”

19. “I got a new mattress and broke up my old memory foam topper into cat beds that I put around the house. Happy cat, happy life!”

20. You can take out your kitchen sink grate by simply unscrewing the bolt with a spoon. Now you know how to clean the drain pipe in your kitchen sink.

Do you know any other quick and simple life hacks? Share them with us in the comments below.

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