News Presenter Kasie Hunt Gave Birth in 13 Minutes. She Didn’t Even Have Time to Get Out of the Bathroom

Kasie Hunt is an American TV presenter and correspondent. During her extensive career, she has worked for NBC and CNN and met her husband-to-be Matthew Rivera. After getting married, the couple welcomed their firstborn and, more recently, their second baby. She surprised the whole family by coming into the world in just 13 minutes.

Before their daughter was born, Kasie and her husband were raising a son.

Kasie and Matt first met when they were both working for NBC News in Washington. She was a reporter and correspondent, and Matt was a producer at the channel. The couple got married on the May 6th, 2017, and two years later, in September 2019, they had their first child, a boy named Mars.

In March 2023, the couple had their second child.

Kasie and Matt’s second baby was due on Thursday, March 2nd, as a result of a planned C-section. However, 24 hours earlier, on Wednesday morning, the young mom went to the bathroom and found that her labor had already started. The baby girl was born in just 13 minutes. She weighed 8lb 4oz and the parents called her Grey.

The baby was born so quickly that the couple didn’t even have time to dial 911.

“Grey is already showing us her independent streak. We were expecting her to arrive via a scheduled C-section on Thursday morning. She had other plans!”

Baby Grey caught both parents off guard, which meant they didn’t even have time to call 911. Matt helped Kasie deliver on their bathroom floor and only then were they able to call the emergency services. The medics arrived at the couple’s home within minutes and safely transported mother and baby to the hospital. “My husband & I are thrilled to introduce our daughter, Grey Hunt-Rivera—though really, she introduced herself,” joked Kasie on Instagram about her little daughter’s obviously independent personality.

The couple says they will never forget this day.

The birth of little Grey was an unforgettable event for the whole family. Her older brother Mars, according to Kasie, is very proud of the baby girl. He “can’t stop talking about his new baby sister,” the happy parents shared. Mars was looking forward to her birth, and even before that, he insisted that she have her own pumpkin for Halloween. A few weeks later, in time for Christmas, Kasie and Matt’s firstborn asked for a sock to hang on the mantelpiece for his little sister-to-be as well.

So little Grey, though she didn’t arrive as planned, was a long-awaited child in the Hunt-Rivera family. Now the happy mother, father, and older brother enjoy the time they spend with her and look forward to new, unforgettable moments.

“It’s a day we’ll never forget! We’re so excited about life as a family of four — and reminded it’s going to be that much more unpredictable!”
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