12 Stars Who Don’t Hide Their Body, but Are Actually Proud of It

Fashion, cinema, music, dictate certain beauty standards whether we want it or not. And it’s always been like that. For example, in the 50s, light hair, like that of Marilyn Monroe, was trendy, and in the 60s, women wanted to have really slim bodies, like Twiggy. But in every decade, there were brave people who opposed those beauty standards and played by their own rules.

We at CHEERY admire all these women that weren’t afraid to show the beauty of their body to the world.

Winnie Harlow

When she was a child, Winnie Harlow was really shy of her vitiligo. She was bullied by her classmates, and she changed her school several times. But everything changed when supermodel Tyra Banks noticed her Instagram page. She offered Winnie a chance to try herself as a model.

The unusual appearance actually helped Winnie: she became famous worldwide. She was invited to appear in the music videos of Eminem, Calvin Harris, Black Eyed Peas, and many others. Today, she’s a popular model who openly talks about her condition. In 2015, she was presented with the “Role Model” award by GQ.

Chrissy Teigen

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Model Chrissy Teigen says that her skin is susceptible to stretch marks. This is why after having a baby, she had to deal with this problem. But she’s okay with such transformations and recommends other people not to be worried about such things.

Drew Barrymore

Drew Barrymore is not someone who’s shy of age changes. She often posts no-makeup photos on her Instagram page and jokes about having gray hair. She decided not to hide gray hair. She says that she’s always liked appearance experiments, and now it’s time for another one.

Ashley Graham

Ashley Graham is the body positivity icon. Her Instagram is full of honest, unedited photos. In some of them you can see stretch marks, in others — cellulite. Graham says that she shares such photos to support other women having body imperfections.

Emma Stone


Emma Stone has dealt with a lot of negativity when she was already a celebrity. People kept talking about how slim she was, they said she looked sick and that she needed to put on some weight. The star shared a secret about what to do when people such comments. She thinks you can’t be offended by something you don’t believe It’s true.

Serena Williams

One of the most famous and successful female tennis players was criticized for her body. When writer J. K. Rowling tweeted that she admired Serena’s appearance, some people in the replies said she looked too masculine. The writer tried to defend Serena.

But Williams is okay with her appearance. When she was just over 20 years old, she realized she wouldn’t have the body of Venus, and accepted herself as she is. She’s the epitome of powerful beauty.


Singer Kesha also says that we should love ourselves with all our imperfections. She posts photos where her face is almost completely covered in freckles. Bright makeup is always part of her stage look, but in her everyday life, she doesn’t use shades or foundation, showing the world her natural beauty.

Kendall Jenner

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Kendall Jenner knows about skin problems from personal experience. Since the age of 14, she’s been fighting with acne. And of course, being a star doesn’t help because she’s always surrounded by cameras.

So, Kendall decided that this problem can’t break her. Today, she openly talks about skin problems, helping millions of her fans not feeling alone.

Kate Bosworth

Kate Bosworth has a rare innate anomaly — heterochromia iridis. One of her eyes is blue, and the other one is half blue, half brown. For her career, this anomaly was a problem. In order to get the roles she wanted, she had to wear lenses.

Fortunately, at some point someone appreciated her uniqueness existed. It was a casting director of Superman Returns. He insisted that she should be in the film without any lenses. It made her character even more charming.

Jennifer Garner

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Jennifer Garner has a genetic condition called brachymetatarsia. When she was a child, at some point, one of the metatarsal bones on her foot failed to develop. As a result, the little toe on her right foot is on top of the toe next to it. But she’s not shy of this, and often wears open shoes.

Kate Hudson

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From time to time Kate Hudson has short hair, which means she’s not shy of her protruding ears. Tabloids write that such ears only make her more popular.

Lady Gaga

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After Lady Gaga appeared at the Super Bowl in 2017, she had a shower of body-shaming. People mentioned she had a big belly, so she shouldn’t wear open clothes. The star responded on her social media. She said that she’s proud of her belly and her entire body, and she doesn’t need others to tell her what they think of her. The singer says that everyone should love themselves and not worry about other people’s opinions.

What other celebrities do you know who don’t fit the modern beauty standards and still look stunning?

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