20 Clients That Can Make Even the Most Boring Day Extraordinary

When we buy things in a local grocery store, or order pizza at a place we love, we usually want to look like pleasant and nice people. But there are some customers who bring a lot of surprises that make boring working days so much more interesting.

We at CHEERY have never been in the situations the people from this compilation experienced.

“After ordering some shrimps, a customer returned the plate like this.”

“Someone ordered a blue cheese pizza and left it on the street after eating one slice. Customer review at its finest.”

«The lady in front of me asked if she could pay cash.»

«Someone ordered 10 large fries and wanted them all into AC bag.»

«Customer drove this all the way from Mexico because he was told not to pull over out there.»

“Air drying it after spraying it with sanitizer. Customer pulled the money out of their shirt.”

«If only customers would consider these things before ordering.»

“A no-sauce no-cheese small pizza was ordered tonight. I’m still very confused.”

«I told a customer it wouldn’t work, but she insisted. When she saw it, she said nothing and left.»

“Customer returned original chips in a BBQ bag, because ‘No seasoning in sight’.”

“Instructions stated, do not park in the driveway. 11 bags and a case of water up your huge driveway. Thanks.”

“They’re gonna come back later for 40 McChickens I’m pretty sure.”

«Double meat super sub stacked mega meat I had to make yesterday.»

“130+ brand-new diapers that have to be thrown away within just one week because customers want to open the plastic to look at the diapers and not buy them.”

«A difficult customer at work threw this on the counter as we were closing.»

«Customer bought wheels and tires online, after advising multiple times that the tires are too small for his SUV he insisted for us to put them on.»

«When a customer decides they don’t want that kombucha anymore and decides to put it in the freezer.»

«„I can send you a screenshot?“ „Sure, that will help.“ The client then brings this into the shop. It doesn’t help.»

«Customer accidentally dropped a pound of screws into a box of nails.»

“85 pizzas timed order it took 2 cars to get it there. They complained about it being 5 minutes late and didn’t tip.”

Do you always try to be a nice customer?

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