20+ Forgetful People Who Need to Tell Their Stories on Comedy Shows

We all forget once in a while where we left our keys, if we turned off the stove or if we already put salt in the food. But some people are quite absent-minded, and it’s impossible not to end up comparing them to Dory from Finding Nemo.

  • I once ran into an elderly neighbor in the elevator. We talked, and he pushed the button for our floor. He lived across the hall. When the elevator door opened, I said goodbye and tried inserting the key to open it, but I realized the lock was not working. I turned around and saw the man having the same problem. Then an older lady opened the door he was trying to open too, and the man didn’t know what to do because he was so embarrassed. He apologized, and we went back to the elevator. Instead of pressing 3, he had pressed 4. I cracked when I came into my place. © Ana Anita / Facebook
  • Once I went out to the nearest store to buy bleach, but there was none, so I had to go somewhere else a little further away. I got there and bought it, but when I arrived home, I realized I had forgotten it, so I went back to the store. But since I was talking on the phone, I messed up and went into another store to claim the bleach. How embarrassing. © Claudia Arias Guapacha / Facebook
  • One morning I got up, went to the kitchen, filled my coffee mug, and heated it in the microwave. If you’ve never had hot soda, don’t. It’s disgusting! I still don’t know when I opened the refrigerator, filled the mug, and put that closed bottle back in. © Graciela Gorini / Facebook
  • I was desperately searching for my cell phone all over the house, even under the bed and the sofas. I realized it when I saw that I was looking for it with the cell phone flashlight in my hand. © Silvia Plaza Sanz / Facebook
  • One morning, I got up to go to work as usual. That day I was a little late, and I got my children up in a hurry because I always took them to school before work. We rushed out like crazy and when we got to school, surprise: it was empty. There wasn’t a soul around, it happened to be a holiday. © Teresa Garcia / Facebook
  • I got out of the shower and asked my wife what was wrong with the soap because it smelled funny. She asked me, “What soap?” And I said, “A blue one.” She answered, “Ah, it’s the dog’s. Your daughters bathed him in the bathroom.” © Julio César Carrillo Lopez / Facebook

Washing dogs or cats is not for the faint of heart. Not all pets like water. But even the most capricious owners still love their pets and are ready to forgive them for everything.

  • Once, my wife and I went to a movie at a large shopping mall. We could not find the car when we came out, and I was sure we had left it there. We called security, and they found it in a similar place, but on another floor. It was embarrassing. © Israel Rubalcava / Facebook
  • Today I invited my friend to lunch to celebrate her birthday. We went to a new and more expensive restaurant than usual. At my insistence, we ate a lot and even ordered dessert. When the bill came, I looked for my wallet and couldn’t find it. I had taken it out the night before to check something and hadn’t put it back. My friend, the birthday girl, paid the bill. Tomorrow I will reimburse her. © Rosalba Gordon / Facebook

In public places — a theater, a restaurant, or a museum — we can feel awkward if we don’t know certain rules of etiquette, which can help us to avoid uncomfortable situations.

  • My father went to buy a chicken on his bike and returned on foot. Then he couldn’t find his bike and reported it stolen, he even posted it on Facebook. Another day, he went to buy a chicken again and saw his bike in the shop. He asked who had taken it, and the manager told him someone had left it there. © Silvia Valdez / Facebook
  • Once, I was late to take my daughter to school. It was a few minutes before the bell rang. We rushed off and got there a minute early. I kissed her goodbye, and she went into the building. Then she turned to me and said, “Mom, where is my backpack?” We had forgotten it. I had to go back home to get it. © Ernes Gutierrez / Facebook

Parents may surprise their children by doing something unusual, but more often than not, the opposite happens, and the most extraordinary things can be found when checking children’s homework.

  • I laid down to rest after lunch and fell asleep. When I woke up, I was scared. I thought I was late for work. I put on my work clothes and went out. I looked at the sky and saw it looked strange because the sun was not where it was supposed to be. I returned home and looked at the time, it was five o’clock in the afternoon, and I thought it was dawn. © Mery Villabona / Facebook
  • When my daughters were young, I would drive them to school and then go to work. I often drove straight past the school and straight to work without noticing that they were still in the back seat because they were so quiet. © Maria Vanrock / Facebook

Some stories sound like outright fiction. It seems that you can only read such things in books or see them in movies. But some can assure us that they’re positively true.

  • My mom got into a car similar to my dad’s, but it wasn’t his. She only noticed it a few minutes after seeing that the steering wheel and glove compartment looked different than usual. She got out of that car in a panic, and my dad was close by in his car, calling out to her and honking his horn. © Claudia Alejandra Guerrero Valdivia / Facebook
  • A few years ago, my dad worked in a furniture factory that was very close by, so he hardly ever left in his pickup truck. One day he took it with him, and when he came home, he did so on foot. He didn’t notice until my mom asked him about the truck. He had to rush back to work to bring it back. © Claudia Alejandra Guerrero Valdivia / Facebook
  • I went to work without changing from flip-flops to shoes. I only noticed when I walked into my office. They were old and dirty flip-flops. Embarrassed, I asked my supervisor if I could buy a pair of decent shoes. © Eunice Hernandez / Facebook

Not everyone is lucky enough to have an awesome boss. Some bosses treat their employees so badly that the only way out is to change jobs.

  • When I was on the beach, I went into the wrong house, thinking it was the one I was staying in. They all looked the same, side by side, with no number or markings. © John Wick Cubano Reloaded / Facebook
  • When I was 15, I worked in a shoe store. A family came in and bought a pair of shoes for their daughter, but I accidentally gave them the wrong pair. After they left, I noticed what had happened but didn’t say anything, assuming that when they realized this, they would come back. After 15 minutes, I was buying lunch when I ran into them. They were eating at this place nearby. I said, “Hi, I think I made a mistake and gave you the wrong shoes.” They checked the box, and I told them to come by the shoe store to exchange them. My boss just said I had to be more careful next time. © Delfa de Marquez / Facebook
  • I dropped my wife off at the terminal departee unloading zone. It was raining heavily so we ran back and forth with luggage, kiddie carriers, coats, etc. Somehow I simply forgot that I wasn’t actually parked there. We were about 3 hours into a 7-hour cross-Atlantic flight when I had my realization. Meanwhile, back at the airport, bomb-sniffing dogs had given the cops the green light to tow my car, where it sat for the next ten days in the worst kind of long-term parking. The $500 to get it out of hock was less painful than the “remember to park your car!” I always get from everyone I know whenever I am flying anywhere. © lendergle / Reddit
  • One night, my firstborn was really fussy, and I woke up in a panic. I gave her Tylenol (she had been teething the day before) and tried to get her back to sleep. I was getting really frustrated because she would not go back to sleep, and finally, my husband came into the nursery and said, “What are you doing? It’s 7:30 a.m. Let’s make breakfast.” © a_rain_name / Reddit
  • Once while in college, I came back from the laundromat, got off the elevator, opened the door to my apartment, and walked in, only to find out that while I was gone, my roommates had replaced all of their furniture, and also that they had transformed into an Asian family. There was a lot of confusion until I looked at the numbers on the door and realized I must have stepped off the elevator a floor early without realizing it. © jelos98 / Reddit
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