20+ Kids Who Found Unique Ways to Show Their Parents Love

As children grow up, they can give and do many things for their parents. But it’s hard not to tear up at their very first attempts at gift-giving when they use all their creativity and imagination to demonstrate their love. Several Internet users shared these touching moments from their lives, and we couldn’t just scroll past them!

“My son made me the Wholesome Seal out of beads. My new favorite gift.”

“Meet Carl, the intelligent robot my son made for me to help me with my ’computer files’ and give me more time to play with him.”

Children approach many tasks creatively. For example, an ordinary homework assignment in their hands can become a work of art.

“Its my 36th birthday. My daughter gave me this. BEST PRESENT EVER.”

“Despite working full time and taking AP courses, my 17-year-old son made me a birthday cake. I think I did something right with this one.”

There are enough kind-hearted people in the world to brighten up our difficult days. We should never forget that.

“I’m a single father. My favorite color is green. And my daughter knows when I’ve had a hard day at work.”

“I really needed this, it let me know I’m doing something right. My 5-year-old son melts my heart.”

“My daughter (6 years old) did this for me... I’m amazed...”

“I’m 36. My daughter is 4. We watch Cosmos together every week.”

“For my birthday she drew this picture of Neil DeGrasse Tyson riding in his timeship through space.”

“What melted your heart recently? My daughter just gave me these...”

“She gave me 2 coats. Her brother too. #pretty”

It’s true, you can’t get bored with kids like that.

“The wild flowers that my son gave me to cheer me up. I’ve been sick all weekend and he wanted to make me feel better.”

“My daughter gave me this the day of her wedding, then gave me a new name.”

“After a long 16-hr work day, my 4-year-old daughter gave me this.”

“I held my hand behind me at the store for my 9 year old to hold and was surprised and happy when my 14-year-old daughter grabbed it instead.”

Such touching photos bring tears to your eyes.

“I leave my wife small love notes sometimes and found this one from my 6-year-old daughter coming home from work.”

“My 3-year-old son wanted to help, so he gave me his toy screwdriver when I told him I’m off to fix our car!”

“My daughter gave me this morning. I couldn’t stop laughing.”

“47 today. Pineapple upside down cake was my favorite as a kid. My teenage daughter just brought me lunch. She made me a little pineapple upside down cake. I haven’t had this in exactly 30 years.”

It turned out beautifully, but not everyone gets so lucky. Some people’s culinary failures become real hits online.

“My son (16 months) gave me flowers for the first time.”

“I suffer from migraines and cluster headaches, and I’ve been fighting one for 2 days son gave me this today.”

“First Christmas after moving in with my girlfriend and her kids. Her 7-year-old daughter gave me this.”

“My little girl asks my favorite colors, She comes back later with this. I’m never taking it off.”

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