20 Men Who Did a Little Work On Their Hair and Ended Up Looking Like a Different Person

Men go to hair salons or barbershops more often than women, according to a survey. On average, guys have their hair done almost 6 times a year, while gals go almost 4 times within the same period. This goes to show that gents pay attention to their appearance just as much as women. And a new haircut is one simple and cheap way to improve their looks.

1. “The new cut turned your brows from a distraction into an asset. Well done, my dude.”

In fact, even eyebrows can radically change a person’s appearance.

2. “That fringe was pretty awful.”

3. “Chopped my hair off after 7 years!”

For some, experimenting with haircuts proves less than successful.

4. “My boyfriend had his hair cut and my jaw dropped when I saw him.”

Many guys really know how to surprise their girlfriends.

5. A before-and-after of the cut

6. “Your face shape stands out more in the ’after’ pic.”

7. “I had very long and thin hair. So, I decided to get a buzz cut.”

The right haircut can really just transform a person!

8. Before and after

9. “It’s amazing what a haircut can do.”

10. “I cut off the dreadlocks, but I’m missing them already.”

In fact, a huge number of men have experienced that a haircut can have a magical effect on their appearance.

11. “I’ve had it long for like 6 years, and I thought it was time for a change.”

12. “I’ve finally stopped blow-drying my hair straight, and I’m learning to love and embrace the curl!”

13. “A few weeks ago, I donated my hair to make wigs for patients with cancer.”

14. “Decided to cut my hair after the last 2 years.”

15. “I cut my hair today. Feels fresh.”

16. “My new hairstyle”

17. “Dyed my hair green several weeks ago and I like the result a lot.”

18. “I cut my hair shorter, what do you think?”

19. “Before and after. Decided to shave it off.”

20. “Decided to shave my head bald and grow a goatee. Feel more confident now.”

  • The left guy looks like he’s 45, works at a dead end job in customer service. The right guy looks like he sells multi-million dollar homes and runs 6 miles every morning. © GottaPoop_ / Reddit

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