A 23-Year-Old Teacher Adopted Two Teenage Girls and Faced Heaps of Hate Over Her Age

According to statistics, the average age of a parent adopting a child in the US is 44. Unsurprisingly, the decision made by the young couple, who are both in their early 20s, stunned the public. Their video of adopting two teenage girls has racked up over seven million views and very mixed reactions.

Tasia Taylor is 23 and works as a teacher. In August 2020, she got married to her fiancé and colleague, Drew, who’s 25. The couple was united by a desire to help people in need. They planned to open a home for foster kids in 2022 and were working closely with a family specialist and child welfare agencies.

Almost two years after getting married, the like-minded couple came up with the courageous decision to adopt two teenage girls, Tamiray, 15, and Rory, 13. The young mom shared her joy on social media, joking, “empty nester at 28 sounds really good.”

Tasia shared that, initially, she and her husband were thinking of adopting a child around the age of six. But fate decided otherwise, and they ended up welcoming two teenagers into their family. Moreover, Tasia already knew Rory as she was her student.

There was one key moment that brought the family together. When Rory was away from her new family for the first time, she felt homesick and wrote a message to Tasia. saying “I love you as much as possible.” Now, these words have become the family slogan and mantra, which they’ve even printed on T-shirts.

Unfortunately, not everyone believed in the sweet family idyll. Many doubted the ability of the young parents to bring up teenagers properly: “I don’t know why my brain can’t process this, you guys look so young it’s weird to see you with teenagers.”

Others didn’t believe that such a young couple would be able to earn and save enough money to provide a decent education for such grown-up children: “My only concern is a college fund for them because there won’t be enough time to make enough money investing when they’re babies.”

Concerned comments and hate directed at her, prompted Tasia to take to social media with a response. She reminded the public, “I’ve had a job since I was 16 and worked all the way through college! We worked our butts off to get here and have multiple college degrees.”

But to Tasia’s and her family’s delight, thousands of words of encouragement appeared under her posts: “Good for your family! Very good idea and I bet those kiddos will have greatness come their way!”

Tasia is now enjoying motherhood and regularly posts about her family. “There is no love quite like a parent’s love,” she says, and it’s hard to disagree with her. She and her husband watch their daughters growing up and starting to bond with each other like real sisters.

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