12 Appearance Traits Modern Women Shouldn’t Be Ashamed Of

For centuries, society has been imposing certain beauty standards on women. The traits that used to be considered attractive may be out of fashion years later. This is why many beautiful women of the past don’t seem as gorgeous today. But there’s one thing that doesn’t change. Those women that are proud of their individuality will always remain interesting to other people.

We at CHEERY think there’s something special about any woman. And we’ve found several unique appearance traits it’s time we stopped hiding.

1. Being tall

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Many women don’t like being tall. Some of them remember that they were bullied over that in school. Others had trouble on first dates. In order to seem shorter, some women have to stick to very serious diets. And they believe that if they lose just a few more pounds, they will look shorter.

In fact, women shouldn’t worry about being tall. Men honestly admire such women. And when a woman is standing tall and confident, she becomes the impersonation of true beauty.

2. Big nose

Some women are insecure about their big noses. Some were told that if they’d had smaller noses, they would’ve been more attractive. Others grew up used to the feeling of shame. People told them things like, “Oh, your nose is not really that big.”

Don’t be ashamed of a big or a long nose. It’s the product of evolution. The people that lived in dry and cold climates have long noses because they help warm and humidify the air coming into the body. In other regions, people considered big noses attractive, so those with big noses got married and had children more often.

3. Age wrinkles

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Our society is crazy about the negative consequences of aging. Everyone ages. If you look closely at every wrinkle and try to prevent the changes that come with age, you might lose your mind. Instead of being sorry about looking older, it’s better to focus on all the difficulties a person must overcome to reach this age. So, this person is not a loser, but a winner.

For example, Drew Barrymore thinks that aging is a luxury. And she tries to raise her children so that they understand that. Sometimes, she has bad days. And she’s not happy with what she sees in the mirror. But she believes that our appearances should reflect who we are. And if you are at peace with yourself, then you shouldn’t worry about having some wrinkles.

4. Big feet

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While the health of our feet should be taken very seriously, their size doesn’t really matter. Besides, it doesn’t even depend on the height. Tall women may have small feet and vice versa. There are studies showing that men prefer women with small feet. And the women that have big feet often complain about feeling clumsy.

However, some men are thrilled with big feet. Kate Winslet and Uma Thurman told the public about it. Both of them were shy of their big feet but managed to overcome this feeling with age.

5. Sticking out ears

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All people have different attitudes to certain appearance traits. Some think that protruding ears are charming. Others don’t like them so much. In some cultures, having big ears means a person is lucky.

In any case, sticking out ears are not an anomaly. And they can’t affect our hearing, even though many people are worried about it. With age, our ears and noses continue to grow. Sometimes, such ears make people look special, unique, and even memorable.

6. Thin body

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Being very thin is not actually a problem. People might have different body types, and for some, it may be extremely hard to gain weight, no matter how much they try.

All that matters is how a person feels, and not what others think about them. If a woman has always been thin and feels great, she doesn’t need to worry.

7. Pregnancy-related body changes

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Giving birth to a child always affects the body. During pregnancy, the body of the future mother is changing, adapting to new, almost extreme conditions. And it’s perfectly normal. During this period, even the bones may become bigger. Stretch marks appear on the skin, and the breasts lose shape.

Post-pregnancy recovery may take up to 2 years. But not all women can return to the body shape they once had. In one of her interviews, Jennifer Garner said that no matter how much she works out, her body still looks like she gave birth to 3 children.

8. Being plump

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In recent decades, the world has been obsessed with losing weight. And being plump is considered equal to having the wrong lifestyle. But it’s not all that simple. Many scientists are still not sure whether having some fat in our bodies is always that bad.

For example, extra fat in the hip area may be beneficial. So, it all depends on what a person eats, how they feel, and how active they are. The size of clothes they wear doesn’t matter all that much.

9. Belly

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Many women are worried about their belly fat. More than that, by worrying about it, they only make the situation worse. Stress makes our bodies store the nutrients it needs, so the waist just keeps getting bigger.

Even if you have some belly fat, there’s nothing to worry about. Some fat in this region may even be good for you because it helps protect the internal organs.

10. Imperfect smiles

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Minor smile imperfections make people charming. If the bite or the location of certain teeth worries you, you can always have them fixed. But some people actually like their imperfect teeth because they make them unique.

For example, Vanessa Paradis says that she would never fix her teeth gap. No matter how much people talk about it, she says that she was born with this gap, and she doesn’t want to change anything. She can spit water through her teeth. It’s really useful!

11. Small breasts

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In medical literature, there’s no such term as “small breasts”. Breast size is a very subjective concept, which depends on a woman’s height and body. It’s a genetic thing and not something to be ashamed of.

Many women say that small breasts are very convenient. It’s easier for them to choose clothes, they don’t have serious backaches, and, with age, the breasts don’t change much. But most importantly, small breasts don’t make women less attractive.

12. Unusual leg shape

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Very few people have perfect body proportions. Also, the trends for certain body types change over the years. As you probably know from experience, whether someone succeeds or fails doesn’t always depend on their appearance. In the end, people are evaluated based on their personalities and talents.

Not all celebrities love their legs, arms, and other body parts. But if a person can admire others for their talents or jobs, it doesn’t really matter much what they look like.

How has your idea of beauty changed over the past years? Tell us in the comment section below!

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