18 People That Came to the Aid of Animals and Restored Our Faith in Humanity

When people are in a difficult situation, in most cases, they can ask their friends, relatives, or professionals for help. But animals can only count on miracles, and they, in the shape of people, often help them.

We at CHEERY would like to shake hands with the people from this compilation that didn’t walk past those in need: they helped animals restore their health, gave them a chance to run again, and got them out of a trap.

1. “Turbo’s smile always makes me smile. This was his prosthetic fitting day!”

2. “Baby fox with a broken leg gets rescued and visits the vet for his cast.”

3. “My newest foster puppy just got his very own wheelchair!”

4. “Pidge got his cast off! So happy. Going to take him to BirdFever for a treat.”

5. “My mom and I found a dangerously dehydrated baby squirrel on the sidewalk yesterday. We took her home, cooled her off, and gave her Pedialyte. Today she went to a squirrel rescue, and they said she would do great!”

6. “A tiny cast for a tiny pig”

7. “A rescued baby beaver”

8. “My cat broke his leg, but his cast is the cutest.”

9. Even aquarium fish are rescued.

10. “My little guy broke his toe yesterday and his tiny cast is too cute.”

11. “We made a wheelchair prototype for our one-legged chick, Peggy!”

12. “Little Monroe has gained some much-needed weight and is infection free! Her casts need to be changed every week because she’s growing so fast.”

13. “2 weeks ago, I rescued a robin hatchling that had fallen from the nest. Yesterday he left the nest for good!”

14. “Saved this little guy from a cat, and now he won’t let go.”

15. “My sister found a baby squirrel that had fallen out of a tree. Here, he’s grown but still has his cast. He went on to total rehabilitation and was released back into the world a year later.”

16. “Saved this little dude from the glue trap.”

17. “My friend rescued a pig. This is her first time ever on grass. Her name is Rosie.”

18. “From broken legs to long legs.”

Have you ever rescued wild or domestic animals?

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