14 Easter Eggs and Secret Details Hidden in These Characters’ Costume Design

In literature lessons, we are not only taught to read, but to analyze the text critically and look for hidden meanings. It makes the process more interesting and develops our erudition. The same can be done in the movie industry. The deeper we dive into a film or TV series, the clearer we see the director’s intentions. If you want to learn more about a movie or series, you should start with the secrets the creators put into the costume designs.

Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania: Ant-Man’s armor

If you have seen the first official trailer for the 3rd Ant-Man film, you might have noticed the new costume design. Loyal fans have noticed how incredibly similar it is to the armor of Iron Man, who sacrificed his life in the last Avengers movie.

According to rumors, the bright red Ant-Man suit with a red deepening on the chest is a tribute to Tony Stark. Based on the design, it’s also possible Ant-Man might get some of Iron Man’s abilities.

Black Panther: Wakanda Forever: the white clothes

Black Panther: Wakanda Forever continues to set new box-office records and earn the attention of the viewers all around the world. The movie deserves to be called one of the most emotional Marvel movies. The reason is that there are lots of references to Chadwick Boseman, who passed away. He played Black Panther in the first film.

For example, in the funeral scene for the king of Wakanda, all the participants are wearing white costumes that look similar to the one T’Challa wore in the first movie when he was talking to his dead father. The costume designer said, “We chose white because it connects us to Chadwick, to T’Challa.”

Downton Abbey: A New Era: “Alien” Myrna Dalgleish

The outfits of the Downton Abbey: A New Era have not only the 1930s glamor, but also contain many hidden meanings. For example, the star Myrna Dalgleish (Laura Haddock) that appears in the film looks very different from the Downton style we’re used to.

According to the designer of the movie, the woman was created in order to spice up the classic look of the main character, Lady Mary Crawley. This glamorous chic creates a visual conflict of styles. So, Myrna wears clothes of cold tones and very bold jewelry to look like an “alien” in the abbey.

The Handmaid’s Tale: Hannah’s purple dress

In one of the scenes in season 5, Hannah, the daughter of June and Luke, wears a purple dress instead of a pink one. This was probably done to reflect the change in her status in Gilead. Hannah is now the daughter of a high-ranking commander, and she is becoming more mature and more powerful. Purple is most commonly associated with royalty, nobility, and power, making this an appropriate color for her character.

Maleficent: Aurora’s magic dress

Aurora’s wedding dress is any girl’s dream. It has the magic ability to change color from pink to blue and back. It turns out that this trick is a reference to the original cartoon. In one of the scenes, fairies Flora and Merryweather have a debate of whether Aurora’s dress should be pink or blue.

Dune: the Harkonnens’ robes and armor

Around 1000 different costumes were created for Dune to reflect the different cultures of the 3 planets. Each of them is unique and has its own history. For example, the Harkonnens look like beetles, ants, and spiders. The textures of these bugs were used to inspire the hard shells of their robes and armor, making the Harkonnens look like colonizers that came to another planet.

Twilight: Alice’s vintage style

To make Alice look different from the other Cullen family members, the costume designers decided to add some vintage to her look. They think they were able to convey her interest in fashion and who she was as a character.

Titanic: Rose’s transformation

The Titanic costume designers did a great job because they managed to convey the transformation of Rose’s character and how open she was to the world without words. The first time we see her, she wears a tight costume, gloves, and a hat. Her look is structured just as strictly as her life conditions: complete dedication to rules and family traditions, which make her unhappy and reserved.

After meeting Jack, Rose lets in more freedom and action in her life, which is reflected in her outfits. In the famous scene where she’s flying, she’s wearing a light velvet dress, no tight corsets, and loose hair. You can feel her mood change: she forgets of all the imposed standards, breaking the shackles she’d been wearing her entire life.

Black Panther: the secret in the Black Panther costume

T’Challa’s Black Panther costume was hand-made by his sister Shuri. Being an incredible tech genius, she managed to upgrade it, adding the ability to both absorb and release kinetic energy. During this process, the costume glows a bright purple color.

When T’Challa sees the new costume for the first time, there’s a sentence on it, written in purple, in the Wakandan language. If you translate one chunk of this text, it actually says, “I Love You Mom.”

Bridgerton: Simon’s green brooch

Bridgerton is full of incredible jewelry and outfits. One of them belongs to Simon, who wears a distinctive green brooch throughout the entire season. This brooch belonged to his late mother, and it symbolizes how much he still loves her despite all the turmoil he experienced in his family. It also hints that he might come around to the idea of starting a family of his own after all, despite his initial reluctance.

The Witcher: Tissaia’s architectural elements

Tissaia de Vries looks like a stylish lady. To highlight it, the costume designers used a lot of architectural elements. Structured bodices and high collars are used to remind both the characters and the audience that Tissaia is in charge, and she knows it.

The Great: Catherine’s color palette

In order to reflect the uniqueness of Catherine in the royal court she’s just come to from Prussia, the costume designers decided to use subtle colors and textures in her outfits. She wears delicate ruffles and subdued nature prints that seem very understated compared to the exaggerated shapes and colors worn by the other people in Peter’s court. The designers wanted to emphasize the fact that Catherine is not part of their culture and is different from everyone else.

Emma: Emma’s curls

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What really deserves our attention in Emma is not the main character’s outfits, but her curls. The director says that her curls are period-accurate, and they tell a story. Her curls are like a little doll: tightly wound and perfectly in place. As the story evolves, Emma comes unwound, and her curls become a bit fuzzier.

Peaky Blinders: Tommy Shelby’s clothing


Tommy Shelby, the leader of the Peaky Blinders, is a sharp dresser. It’s a reference to his youth in the army, where he always had to make sure his uniform looked perfect. He also wears very dark colors, which signifies the issues going on inside of his head and the fact that his mindset itself is actually very dark.

What Easter Eggs did you manage to find in famous movies?

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