16 Seemingly Good Characters That Make Some Viewers Grit Their Teeth in Irritation

Almost every movie or series has a character who elicits only positive emotions and compassion. But even if moviemakers manage to create such a perfect persona, there will always be a viewer who doesn’t share everyone’s admiration. We found comments from viewers discussing “good” characters who actually irritate them.

Amy March — Little Women

  • I have hated Amy since I first read Little Women when I was 11 years old. How can the most recent adaptation try and make her the feminist? The girl who only ever focused on clothes, and ribbons, and laces? The one who destroyed her sister’s writing? The girl who got to run off and enjoy Europe while Beth died and Jo suffered? She was the weakest of them all, and she got the very best of everything. I hate Amy March. © sekhmet0108 / Reddit
  • She was always the worst, and yet she got the happy ending? I’ll forever be sour about the fact that she ended up with Laurie. © Aruu / Reddit

Miriam “Midge” Maisel — The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel

  • Midge is a privileged woman who destroys lives on the regular and suffers no consequences. She never learns from her mistakes, never grows or changes in any noticeable way, and has neither self-awareness nor awareness in general of how her life choices affect and hurt those around her. © Timuu-kun / Reddit
  • At one point, I got so pissed with her that I stopped watching the show, and I couldn’t care less about what happened to her anymore. © montrealblues / Reddit

Dobby — Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets

  • When he intercepted all those letters for Harry, I was so annoyed at him for that. © Kamiiruruma / Reddit
  • He basically tried taking away the only home Harry had ever had by trying to get him expelled and not even saying the reason for it. He was annoying. © AlwaysWanna*** / Reddit
  • I find it kind of stupid that Dobby can do all these things to try and keep Harry from going to school but can’t just tell Harry, or even Dumbledore, “Hey, someone is trying to kill people with the Chamber of Secrets to bring back Voldemort.” Being direct is some kind of betrayal to Lucius, but doing all that other stuff to try and ruin his plan to isn’t? © youngatbeingold / Reddit
  • Dobby is just a manipulative control freak. © asgphotography / Reddit
  • Dobby went and convinced a neglected and abused orphan boy who finally gained some friendship and happiness in his life that those friends want nothing to do with him. I’ll be keeping any and all socks, Dobby. No clothes for you. © The_Alex_ / Reddit
  • He is not at all as kind as he seems at first glance. When I first saw the movies, I liked him. And now I have reviewed it and I understand that his acquaintance with Harry was terrible. And meaningless. © ceepculm / Reddit

Carrie Bradshaw — Sex and the City

  • Carrie Bradshaw is self-absorbed, not a good friend and just the worst. © magnifiquechaos / Reddit
  • After the episode where she cheated on Aiden, I stopped watching. I was so done with Carrie. She became such a villain to me. © No-Head-9669 / Reddit
  • I was happy when Carrie and Mr. Big ended up together, because they were both just awful. The type of people that truly deserved each other. Aiden was too good for Carrie. © SpiceySalsaSpice / Reddit

Serena van der Woodsen — Gossip Girl

  • This girl has no self-control. She’s always dating someone even if they are married or relatives of her exes. © stellaspeacegh / Reddit
  • She’s supposed to be an example of “rich pretty girls have problems too.” But all her character really did made me dislike her more every time they tried to make her relatable. She could actually do well in life, and the show made some points that she isn’t unintelligent but she does nothing with all her money and always wants to be in the spotlight. © lelakat / Reddit
  • She never learns from past mistakes and acts like a spoiled princess whenever she wants something. She doesn’t let people say “no” to her requests. I’m rewatching the show at the moment and honestly finding it hard to like her now that I’m 10 years older. © HashbrownLover44 / Reddit

Meredith Grey — Grey’s Anatomy

Rory Gilmore — Gilmore Girls

  • I loved this character in the first season, but from season 2 onwards she just becomes worse and worse. It’s like a villain origin story. Gone is the snarky, clever girl who struggles between maturity and teenage meltdowns during coming-of-age hurdles, and in comes the manic pixie dream girl who strolls into every situation like she knows everything, and everyone appeases her. And she just doesn’t like anyone. © KiraStrife / Reddit
  • I will never understood why every single guy she meets falls desperately, hopelessly in love with her for literally their whole lives. © cookiesarenomnom / Reddit
  • Rory is the worst, most selfish person on the planet who has made the lives of everyone around her worse. She has learned absolutely nothing, she hasn’t grown up at all, and she can’t fathom why the world won’t just give her what she thinks she deserves. © GuestCartographer / Reddit

Ross Geller — Friends

  • I was okay with Ross up until the moment when he arrives at Rachel’s office with a picnic. He completely ignores everything she says. It’s as if he doesn’t see her, but only the idea of her. I was incensed. © Herself99900 / Reddit
  • If Ross was real, everyone would avoid him. © stateofbrine / Reddit
  • I hate Ross so much. I can barely tolerate watching that show anymore because of how whiny he is. © crabgrass_attack / Reddit

Piper Chapman — Orange Is the New Black

  • I hated Piper in Orange is the New Black. To be honest, that whole show was awful and I don’t know why it was such a zeitgeist when it was coming out. © Ritka94 / Reddit
  • Every character tells Piper what a terrible person she is throughout the entire season. © Just2Browse04 / Reddit
  • I thought I was the only person that thought she was a completely annoying person. © ncket / Reddit

Elena Gilbert — The Vampire Diaries

Sheldon Cooper — The Big Bang Theory

  • He was annoying and immature in Season 1, but he was made to be a straight up villain later on. © ciaisi / Reddit
  • Sheldon would be a terrible friend. Or neighbour, or classmate, or co-worker, or acquaintance. © J0l1nd3 / Reddit
  • The worst part of Sheldon isn’t that he’s an obnoxious and over-sensitive. The worst part of Sheldon is that if you watch Young Sheldon, you understand that none of the lessons he was taught in early life about humility, maturity, and being a good person stuck. © AlmightyRuler / Reddit

Lily Aldrin — How I Met Your Mother

  • She was manipulative and always made Marshall’s life harder. She dumped him. And all this story with the captain and her financial issues. © iam4r33 / Reddit
  • She was the worst. Marshall deserved better. © Dark_Vengence / Reddit
  • She was such a toxic character. She made a life changing decision behind Marshall’s back and left him, then wanted him back as if she totally didn’t just betray him. © NotSoGreatOldOne / Reddit

John “J.D.” Dorian — Scrubs

  • I love the show, love each character, but J.D.’s imagination and immaturity becomes super annoying the more you watch the show. © DaveDavidsen / Reddit
  • Kim seems to be the female version of J.D. Maybe having 2 self-absorbed overgrown children was just too much. © Lsubookdiva / Reddit
  • Has he ever had a relationship that didn’t crash and burn because he’s too selfish to care about his partner? He seems to be a solid friend, but he’s a terrible partner. © xixbia / Reddit

Eleven — Stranger Things

  • Her character was interesting in season 1, but after that it became very repetitive. She just screams once in a while and cries a lot. © all_names__weretaken / Reddit
  • She should just do the extra-loud powerful scream the first time she tries killing the monster instead of saving it until the end. © Branchdweller / Reddit

Amy Pond — Doctor Who

  • Amy Pond. I can’t stand her. She’s awful to her boyfriend-then-husband, tries to cheat on him, is dismissive and rude and only improved as a character much later, right before she leaves the show. I don’t understand why people love her. © silvermoon11931 / Reddit

Tony Stark — Avengers: Age of Ultron

  • The more I think about Tony, the more I understand how disgusting he is. He causes serious problems, he’s selfish, and even his heroic actions can’t overshadow his nature. No one would want to be next to him in real life. © TomoTactics / Reddit
  • Watching him constantly making mistakes while not learning his lesson got irritating real fast. It always seemed like his character arc was on repeat in each movie he appeared in. © Fluid-Butterfly7694 / Reddit

Do you know any other good characters that irritate you?

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