16+ People who Just Wanted to Rent a Place to Live but Their Landlords Had Different Plans

According to statistics, over 44 million Americans rent their homes. This option is more profitable because the monthly payments for a rented place are lower than the cost of your own house or apartment. Besides, a rented home is full of so many surprises.

At CHEERY, we searched the Internet to find those lucky ones who shared the weird and funny things they discovered in the places they rented. In the bonus section, you’ll find text messages between a landlord and a tenant which will give you goosebumps literally and figuratively.

“As retaliation for some unknown offence, our landlord decided to keep us out of our own backyard. This ‘fence’ was installed at 3 a.m.”

“My landlord finally fixed a leaking shower that supposedly ‘cost him hundreds.’ This is the end result.”

“The landlord in England didn’t put up photos of the kitchen, and insisted I should visit instead.”

“When landlords raise the rent on your NYC apartment but don’t want you to leave. This is the only door out of the building.”

“This is how the landlord fixed the tiles falling out of the shower and the water leaking into the unit downstairs. ‘It’s fine, you can use it now.’”

“I’ve just moved. The landlord gave me new appliances.”

“The shower broke, so the landlord had kitchen sink installed.”

“The landlord: Your apartment has the best amenities, the rent is only fair. The amenities in question below”

“This is how my landlord ‘fixed’ the lamp.”

“We just had our bathroom renovated. The attention to detail was second to none.”

“Our toilet seat broke, so the landlady sent us a new one and ignored our request for it to be square.”

“My landlord cheaped out and hired a friend to rebuild our back fence. I don’t think this is his area of expertise.”

“Our landlord decided to turn down the heat today in my apartment as it reached −40°F. But the landlord must have forgotten he pays my electric bills and doesn’t realize that I value my comfort over safety or energy conservation.”

“Landlords, please don’t paint over cockroaches.”

“This is how my landlord ‘fixed’ my freezer handle.”

“This shower at my Airbnb”

Bonus: “My landlord in Sydney when the temperature goes down to 43°F texted this.”

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