18 Times Relatives and Housemates Left Us at a Loss of Whether to Laugh or Cry

Over the past 50 years, the number of American adults living alone has almost doubled. Despite this, their relationships with friends and relatives have not worsened but have only grown stronger. Indeed, one only has to look at how distressing it can be to share a home with quirky relatives to immediately realize that it’s much easier to love them from afar.

“My little cousin wanted to help rebuild my keyboard ‘from memory’ while I was gone.”

“My son’s shadow looks like ET.”

“The way my wife opens and leaves the bread”

“Finding one of my makeup brushes in my husband’s workshop”

“This is how my father ‘arranges’ forks, spoons, knives, and other things.”

“Gave my Netflix password to my two little cousins (Squidgame Avatars) and they changed my previous profiles to their ‘Mom’ and ‘Dad’. My family members and I are considered as ‘Guest’ in the new profile they created.”

“My wife made me a grocery list.”

“My fiancée said she found a free barn door and it’s the size of our frame and I don’t need to measure, just hang it.”

“My older sister ate the food I brought home from work and filled the container with cucumber skin for her rabbit.”

“Went to brush my teeth just to see this”

“Asked my partner’s mom not to take the lid off the rice I just cooked while I quickly ran to the shops. When I got back, she said the rice was ‘burnt,’ so she put hot water in it.”

“My family throwing giant chunks of food in the sink on top of dirty dishes”

“My wife never fully screws the lids back onto anything...”

“I asked my husband to save me some Oreos...”

“Got a new couch delivered today. Father-in-law decided to test it out”

“Almost grabbed the wrong bottle in the dark. I wonder why my parents decided to store this oil like this.”

“Fiancé got a brick of cheese yesterday and this is how he started eating it tonight.”

“I’m 49... Just found this in my mum’s bookcase”

What quirky things do your relatives do time after time?

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