19 Photos That Even a Detective Would Have Trouble Figuring Out

For years, scientists have been trying to unravel the secret of optical illusions. But even humanity’s brightest minds still have no clear answer as to why the eyes and the brain get confused and are sometimes unable to process information quickly and correctly. So there’s nothing left to do other than get perplexed when seeing stones that look like capybaras, or to be abruptly startled by harmless objects that suddenly take on terrifying shapes.

«My two Samoyeds in one crate.»

«My footprints in the sand. I hate that my brain can’t process this picture correctly.»

«Took this pic yesterday the sides of the buildings were the exact same colour of the sky.»

«Son floating in mid-air ice skating»

“My oil diffuser looks like flames when in orange light mode.”

“View from my camper looks like a painting.”

“My dog and his shadow decided to spend some time apart.”

“I found a rock that looks like a capybara on my walk today.”

«I put my son in a Halloween onesie without thinking much about it and gave myself a heart attack at 2am.»

“My kid’s bike seat is giving me the side eye.”

“My photo looks like two photos.”

“Napping comfortably.”

“My black cat looks like my white cat’s shadow.”

«Was confused why my daughter had a hideous pug sweater folded up in her backpack. It’s actually Minnie Mouse.»

«Oh no! Tree trimmers put a huge limb through my roof!!»

“My daughter going to sleep hugging her stuffed animal.”

“The reflection in the rear view mirror make it look like it’s transparent.”

“Guy behind wife snuck his rather large hand on her shoulder, while kid behind me cupped a feel around my love handles.”

“A friend of mine is a school bus driver and nearly had a heart attack when a bread truck pulled up behind her.”

What have you seen lately that’s made you do a double-take?

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