20+ Times Restaurants Used Anything but Plates to Serve Food

All of us get a craving for new experiences and experiments from time to time. For many, gastronomy is the go-to way to do this, and luxury restaurants, in this case, are the way forward. However, even Michelin star establishments can serve food in such an unconventional way that it makes you want to go to the nearest bistro where you can have your meal on a good old-fashioned plate with cutlery on the side.

1. «Can someone give me a hand with the title?»

2. «Dessert in frozen orange shell. Please don’t eat the uncooked black beans.»

3. «Hay-wrapped chicken.»

4. «Onion rings served on a garden light tower. Food was great though.»

5. Nice, please, no.

6. «Pintxos served on a large can of tuna.»

7. «Caviar pancakes on a hoe.»

8. «Bread for the table on coffee filters.»

9. Hopefully the VHS hasn’t been sitting on the shelf since the 90s.

10. «Where do you put the cheese...»

11. «At a wedding I recently attended.»

12. «Pulled pork nachos served in sealed metal lunchbox.»

13. «So stupid.»

14. For people who have an allergy to gluten. Or Windows.

15. «No, I’ll just have the appetizers on a cross section of this sculpture face...»

16. «The cream sauce is already running off the sides, can’t wait for the gravy to go everywhere as well!»

17. Strange that the bread wasn’t served in a toaster.

18. «Tartlet served on a bathroom tile.»

19. “A chicken eggshell on a duck foot doth not make a plate.”

20. «The silicone tongue is the plate — you are supposed to lick the food off the „human“ tongue.»

21. «Desert in a 2 star Michelin restaurant.»

Have you ever had food served to you in such an extravagant way that it made you laugh, or perhaps it made you want to turn around and leave?

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