19 Guys Who Could Use a Lucky Charm to Fix Their Tough Break

For some reason, we often get quite unlucky. Small things don’t linger in our memory for very long, but sometimes, our failures are so spectacular that we can’t forget them for decades and keep telling others about them.

1. “I didn’t get a fortune in my fortune cookie, predicting I have no future.”

2. “Waited the entire summer to harvest potatoes, and this is all my garden produced.”

3. When you forget your new car has a sunroof.

4. “When you’re vacationing and your mother-in-law just texts you this with ’I put out the fire.’ ”

5. “My serum (which I bought yesterday) somehow broke overnight.”

6. “These were for my lunches at work. Did I leave them in my locker too long?”

7. “Forgetting about your pizza for 8 hours. Burnt so bad it looks like a double-chocolate brownie.”

8. “My boss told me to at least try shoveling out and come in today. Saskatoon Sk, Canada (Red car is mine).”

9. “My protein shake exploded.”

10. “Cutting up some cauliflower and found this. Lost my appetite and developed a new fear.”

11. “I bought a second piece to get out the first one.”

12. “Yearbook photo from my first year as a teacher.”

13. “When getting dressed in the dark only to look down upon getting to work.”

14. “Environmental allergy panel results indicate extreme sensitivity to almost everything.”

15. “I just wanted beans.”

16. “She traded me for the window seat before we got on the plane.”

17. “Glass baking dish just shattered in the oven.”

18. “Sock monster has struck... Again!!!”

19. “Just wanted some sauce on my chicken stick (too much pressure I presume).”

What’s the unluckiest thing that has happened to you?

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