19 Photos That Are Bound to Mess With Your Mind

People are used to most of the things they see around them, so it usually only takes a glance to understand what’s shown in a picture. But sometimes, a distorted perspective or a well-timed shot can play tricks on the viewer’s mind. That’s when it becomes easier to believe that the world is full of unseen wonders and creatures.

“The reflection of the lamp on the sunglasses.”

Broken chair?


Cat or bird?

“I sat here thinking, what happened to his arm?”

A black hole in the kitchen

“Looks like foot x-ray vision.”

“A sheet of ice hovers 4 feet above a valley floor.”

“Bright-eyed ducks.”

“Poor cat.”

Soulless being?

“Set up this beautiful miniature living room for my cat and she chooses to sit on the rug.”

“A huge hole in the ocean?”

“House on a hill?”

“Barnacles on rocks on beach.”

Giant cat

“Six-legged goat.”

“I took this picture during a dive trip in Thailand and always got the same response when I showed it to someone: ’Wait, this is not underwater...right?’ Well, it is.”

“When your legs feel like rubber after a long day of walking.”

Preview photo credit austinmiles / Reddit
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