20+ Examples of How Time Can Give Abandoned Things a Strange Charm

If you’ve ever visited an abandoned house, you can feel those mysterious vibes around you. Time just stops for some places, and you begin to imagine how it was before people decided to leave them. A huge story can hide behind abandoned things.

1. There is no right answer to how this wheel got there.

2. “Accidentally left a Coke can face down in a forest, came back a year later to find it like this.”

3. “Someone hung lost glasses on this tree next to the hiking trail.”

4. A plane in the middle of a forest in Oregon

5. “This statue was found in an abandoned house.”

6. “I absolutely love this abandoned ship we found today.”

7. “My friend and I stumbled upon an abandoned building, and when we went inside, we discovered that it was a bank.”

“Here’s a pic of him in the underground vault.”

8. “My friends and I found this frame out behind an abandoned cotton mill. Decided to have some fun with it.”

9. “An abandoned house in the Republic of Karelia, Russia”

10. “Has anyone lost a camera, like 80 years ago at Eagle Creek?”

11. “These statues I saw the other day”

12. “An abandoned villa in Iran”

13. “Make a wish.”

14. “Hello?”

15. The watches with a terrarium inside

16. “This old chair on an abandoned lookout over a small bay in CA.”

17. “Spiral staircase in the abandoned Hotel Belvedere, Croatia.”

18. “Abandoned sugar cane factory in the heart of the Belizian jungle.”

19. “Abandoned blue house in New Jersey.”

20. “A photo I took of the craziest staircase I have ever seen in an abandoned bunker.”

21. “Tree growing in a abandoned silo.”

Have you ever been to an abandoned house? What did you feel there?

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