20+ People Shared the Little Treasures That Suddenly Fell Into Their Hands

Stevenson’s Treasure Island, the Indiana Jones saga, and Pirates of the Caribbean are some of the most famous stories of mysterious treasures and lost objects sought after by their main characters. In everyday life, we don’t come across chests full of gold, but things like a childhood toy, an original key, or a very old photograph can give us a similar feeling: that of having found something priceless.

1. “Found an overdue rental at my mom’s house from 1994.”

2. “Cleaned out an old apartment and found a 1982 Coca-Cola screwdriver set.”

3. “A caterpillar found its way into my father’s house.”

4. “Our house still has its original milk door.”

5. “This very old key I found during Diwali cleaning in my house”

6. “These flowers started growing in my mom’s house on her sidewalk and in her actual garden.”

“She didn’t plant them there, and no one that lives nearby has these flowers growing by them. How did they get there? We don’t know, but she likes them, and so do I.”

7. “Moved into a new house. The old owners never changed their furnace filter.”

8. “The birds by my house line their nests with fur from my Great Pyrenees.”

9. “Every day, this guy walks by our house and lifts up his dog for a look at our neighbor’s rabbit.”

10. “I found an Afghan bill while cleaning my house. Don’t know how it got there.”

11. “Friend is at a Ronald McDonald’s house, and the books are color sorted.”

12. “Found a bunch of these mini steel Coca-Cola bottles when I was cleaning my mom’s house.”

13. “I found a black acorn by my house today.”

14. “Had our AC ducts cleaned and found a 41-year-old bag of marshmallows that had been there since the house was built.”

15. “I won $4 on the 1 billion dollar Powerball lottery on a ticket I found while walking my dog.”

16. “Kitchen remodel: This was behind the wall, probably from 1979, when the house was built.”

17. “This picture from my grandmother’s house is backed with newspaper pages from 1916.”

18. “While helping my mom pack, we found an unopened jar of pickles from 1987.”

19. “Found my dad’s old phone.”

20. “The original key to my house built in 1937. It still unlocks all of the doors in the house.”

21. “While replacing a wall in my basement, I found a 100-year-old marriage certificate.”

22. “Message in a bottle I found floating off of Solomons Island.”

23. “Was in the middle of a bathroom remodel in my home and tore into a sheet rock wall and found a handwritten X marks the spot map.”

“It led me into the attic and at a certain spot under the insulation I found a little treasure chest. One of the cool things in it was this.”

What treasured object from your childhood would you like to find again? What is the story behind it?

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