Ted Danson and Mary Steenburgen Have Been Married for Almost 30 Years, but They Still Go on Dates and Can’t Be Apart Even for a Couple of Weeks

Building a long-term relationship is not easy at all. And it’s almost impossible to make it a permanent “honeymoon.” But Ted Danson and Mary Steenburgen managed to do it. They fell in love within four hours, and now they’ve been together for almost 30 years, still going on dates, complimenting each other, and not being able to spend even a couple of weeks apart.

Ted and Mary first met back in 1983 when he tried out for the role of her husband in Cross Creek. But it didn’t go too well. He didn’t get the part. And they didn’t actually get to know each other — they were both married at the time. Ten years later, however, they did play husband and wife in Pontiac Moon. Ted had just divorced his second wife, Casey Coates, and had ended a very public relationship with Whoopi Goldberg, while Mary had recently divorced Malcolm McDowell and was raising a son and daughter.


They both felt attracted to each other. Danson was then afraid of messing things up with Mary, so he thought, “Obviously, we cannot be in a relationship.” And Steenburgen had previously told all her friends that she was no longer interested in relationships. She also thought Ted was too complicated to start a romance with. So they decided to just stay friends and continue working together.

In between filming, Ted organized a picnic for Mary and took her on a canoe trip. It lasted four hours, but they came back head-over-heels in love with each other and became inseparable from then on. Steenburgen said that she loved all her partners before Ted, but her life only truly began when she met Danson. She didn’t expect that he would love her so much.

“I’m ridiculously in love with him. I find him endlessly fascinating. He surprises me all the time and most of all he makes me laugh.”

The couple got married in October 1995. Since then, Ted and Mary have never been apart for long periods of time and continue to look at each other with that same loved-up gaze. They both declare their love for each other all the time, be it on the red carpet or in various interviews. Both have a great sense of humor. Ted always repeats that he truly admires his wife. And if he had to be a woman, he would choose to be her.

The actor is now 75 and his wife is 70, but age has had no impact on the strength of their love. They’ve been married for 28 years, and Ted still says that he would like to live with Mary for as long as possible. Steenburgen is just as sweet in her confessions. She once shared that she would gladly sign up for 100 more lifetimes with Danson.


The couple shared their secrets to a happy life. One of them is to express gratitude and care. Their lives are made up of little things they do to try and make each other happy. For example, making coffee in the morning and bringing it to their beloved. They also regularly go on dates. Of course, they have evenings in, watching nonsense on TV, but they’re always together. And, of course, giving one another compliments and making each other laugh every day.

“He does tell me every single day of my life I’m beautiful, and I do know a lot of women live without that. And it does matter, someone just telling you that.”

They’re both successful actors and continue to be actively involved in various projects. It would seem that with such busy schedules, time apart should be a frequent occurrence. But not for them. They manage to schedule everything in such a way that they’re never apart for more than two weeks. Sometimes they even travel to each other’s filming locations to spend time together.

“I want as long as possible in my life with Mary. I know it will have all of its hard parts, but I want to experience love in all those moments.”

Sometimes, they rehearse together scenes from the TV series they’re starring in. But it’s not always successful because Mary often starts laughing in the middle of a line. But none of it matters when the happy couple has been together for so long and their love hasn’t faded one bit. Their “honeymoon phase” has lasted for 28 years so far. The actress once congratulated her husband on their wedding anniversary on social media, opting for a picture of him with salad between his teeth. However, according to her, even that can’t detract from his handsomeness.

It may seem that such love simply doesn’t exist. But Mary and Ted’s example proves otherwise. All it takes is honesty and caring, being there for each other and making each other laugh. And to really appreciate and be grateful for each other. And all we can do is just be happy for this sweet couple.

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