18 People Who Dispose Of Other People’s Things in Their Own Way

Because of social media, people suffer more and more from a shortage of face-to-face communication. So, a normal visit to someone else’s place can become something special. But, alas, hosts don’t always feel the same. Some guests may leave a pile of trash behind, make the bathtub dirty, or treat themselves to the hosts’ soap.

1. “I had a party and woke up the next day to find that someone took a chomp out of my shower soap.”

Celebrities have their own ways of using soap.

2. “My brother’s ex-girlfriend finally moved out of my parent’s house. This is half of the mess she left.”

Some people manage to maintain quite friendly relations after a breakup.

3. “My brother came for Christmas and took a shower — this is what he left behind.”

Yes, living with family is often a real test of patience.

4. “My house party got out of hand.”

5. “I’m leaving a birthday party. There were tears...”

6. “I had guests over, and one of them switched their broken charger for mine.”

Many people will now think twice before inviting someone to their home.

7. “And this is why I don’t let guests load my dishwasher.”

By the way, guests sometimes notice things in our house too.

8. “The girl that we were housing and feeding for free because she couldn’t fly back home left our guest bedroom like this.”

9. “When your guest breaks the giant cookie instead of cutting it like everyone else has been doing.”

10. “I let an unemployed friend stay with me until she could get back on her feet. This is the kind of stuff I find around the house.”

11. “I’m having new sod put in. This is how my neighbors’ guest parked.”

12. “The way guests cut the cornbread at my buddy’s BBQ.”

13. “There was a lovely little tree in that pot when I went to bed last night.”

14. “My car was parked at my in-laws for a few months — found this in the trunk.”

15. “I let a friend stay at my place for two nights while I was out of town. It was neat and clean when I gave her the keys. This is how she left the living room. Most of the stuff in boxes and bags is from my kitchen and bedroom. Why?”

16. “I gave my old keyboard to my girlfriend’s brother while he is staying with us. Today he said the keys aren’t working properly. I removed the keys and found cockroaches living inside.”

17. “This girl who has been staying with me decided to put loose coffee grounds in my tea kettle.”

18. “My aunt and uncle moved out of my grandma’s house and left behind this mess.”

Bonus: The doormat that sends all unwelcome guests away

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