Olivia Wilde Was Criticized for Not Devoting All Her Free Time to Kids. Men Are Never Accused of This

Sometimes it seems that everything comes easily and effortlessly for celebrities — they don’t have any problems with their children, and fans adore them. However, in reality, celebrity mothers, like everyone else, often face harsh criticism just for deciding not to devote every second of their lives to their children or simply not posting family photos on social media 24/7.

It may seem strange in our time to hear words about how a man is the breadwinner of the family, while a woman is obligated to devote herself entirely to her family and motherhood. It has long been considered normal for women to pursue a career, earn money, and do whatever they want. But if all of this happens simultaneously with raising children, the situation changes. A woman may face a wave of comments that she is “abandoning” her children and is a bad mother. Olivia Wilde faced similar criticism, but she did not remain silent and decided to respond to all the haters at once.

Olivia herself is currently managing to combine raising 2 children, working a new directorial job, and getting her personal life in order. And at the same time, she honestly admits that she is tired of the unfair treatment women get when they spend any amount of time away from their children.

“When people see me not with my kids, it’s always ’How dare she.’ I’ve never seen anyone say that about a guy. And if he is with his kid, he’s a hero.”

In addition to everything else, Olivia fought for custody of her children with her ex-partner, Jason Sudeikis. This went on for almost a year and, of course, was truly exhausting. However, the celebrity notes that she is thrilled with her life. Yes, she devotes all her time to her children, prepares breakfasts, and takes them to school — but they are the whole world for Olivia. And furthermore, she calls her children her best friends.

The separation from the father of her children was not easy for Olivia. In addition to the healthy sadness, there was the fact that everything was happening publicly — and many did not hesitate to criticize the actress for her decision. And sometimes this publicity went beyond all limits. For example, in April 2022, when Olivia was presenting her film at a film festival, she was handed an envelope with papers about custody of her children right on stage.

“The most painful element of it has been women shaming me for making a decision that was for my own health and happiness.”

Olivia also responds quite directly to those who criticize her for not appearing in public with her children and rarely posting joint photos. After all, this only means that Olivia is protecting their lives from all kinds of public discussions.

“Do you know the lengths that I go to protect my kids from being seen by you? People assume I have abandoned my kids, like my kids are just somewhere in a hot car without me.”

Despite what haters may say, Olivia proves with her actions that her children come first for her. In 2022, she decided to pause her career and dedicate all her time to her family.

“It became clear to me that this year was a time for me to be a stay-at-home mom. It was time for me to pause and devote myself to the kids when I have them.”
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