20+ Amazing Things About Japan That Are Beyond Comprehension for Guests

Japan has a unique culture, modern technology, and respect for centuries-old traditions. Every year, the country is visited by millions of tourists. Even though some of the habits and customs may be very unusual for guests, they always leave the country with a lot of unforgettable impressions.

We at CHEERY dove deep into the culture of Japan and learned this: if you are going to visit Japan, you have to be ready for even the most unexpected things.

1. “The seat pattern on the train in Japan tells you where priority seating is.”

2. «Rainbow Cheesecake at A-Works in Tokyo. It was one of the most beautiful things I’ve ever eaten.»

3. «In Japan they give your bag with large, awkward items a handle.»

4. “Kind man insisted on buying omelette for my elderly father whilst we were in a Tokyo market. Can anyone tell me why?”

  • Because this is Japan. He just saw your father, knew he was a foreigner on travel here, and wanted to give him both something he thought he would like and a good memory of his trip. I can’t tell you how often strangers have bought me something or given my kids small presents and never asked for anything in return. © gigapoctopus / Reddit

5. «The mirror in my hotel in Japan has a heated part that won’t steam up after a shower.»

6. “A pancake from Japan.”

7. «This origami grasshopper my friend found on a tram in Japan.»

8. «This Japanese gum I have came with little pieces of paper inside for you to spit your gum in to when you’re finished with it.»

9. “This lift in Japan has a seat that can be used as a toilet in an emergency.”

10. “Ice cream covered in gold leaf from Kanazawa.”

11. «I found shoes in Japan that were designed to look like a bullet train.»

12. “Japan’s manhole covers are beautiful.”

13. «This KFC in Japan has Colonel Sanders dressed in a samurai attire.»

14. “These cat bandanas you can buy in Osaka.”

15. “Long carrots for sale at the supermarket in Japan.”

16. “This train in Japan has a seat for a child so the parent can comfortably use the toilet.”

17. “These white strawberries from Japan.”

18. “Japanese ATM’s have cane holders due to the aging population.”

19. “Compressed Japanese t-shirt.”

20. «Recently visted Japan and saw this guy deep in thought. I let him be.»

21. «In Japan, they gave me a little milk mug for left and right handed people alongside my coffee.»

22. «I dropped my shopping bag on the streets of Osaka and when I went back to look for it later that day, someone had placed it next to a tree untouched.»

Would you like to visit this amazing country? Or have you already been there?

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