15 Stories About People That Decided to Tell the Whole Truth As It Is

There’s a famous saying, “Truth is stranger than fiction.” But what is still in our power is how we perceive it: we can be sad, confused, or happy. Some internet users were so stunned by some truths that they couldn’t help but tell the entire Internet about it.

  • Daughter is married to the Training Officer for the Sheriff’s Department. He had asked her to pick up 4 dozen donuts for a morning training session on her way home from a night shift. On the way home, she ran through radar on the expressway, and was pulled over by a State Trooper. He walked up to her car, and said, “Ma’am, do you know why I stopped you?” Without breaking eye contact or saying a word, she solemnly held up a box of Krispy Kreme donuts. The State Trooper was laughing too hard to write the ticket. © Curtis Childress / Quora
  • I have a wife and two daughters. They can never find a hair tie, and I can never stop finding them. © simoncholland / Twitter
  • When she was 5, my good friend was taking an entrance interview for her primary school. She was asked a standard question: “What color is the sky?” The obvious expected answer is “blue,” but instead she said, “It depends on the time of day and the weather! When it’s daytime, the sky is blue. When it’s sunset, the sky is orange, yellow, or purple. When it’s stormy, the sky is gray.” © Anton Chua / Quora
  • It was the opening night of Titanic in London. We were sitting down when before the opening credits there’s a screen saying it’s about to start... Everyone just goes quiet and my partner pipe’s up “don’t know why we are watching this, everyone knows it sinks at the end”... It was said loud enough for everyone to hear, and the entire audience burst out laughing. © David Mills / Quora
  • When I met my now-husband, we had been together maybe a week or two, and he broke wind when I hugged him. He said, “What did you expect. You squeezed it out.” © dontlooksosurprised / Reddit
  • My son has his girlfriend’s birthday on Saturday. I ask him, what are we getting her? He said she broke her coat can we buy her a new one? I’m glad he’s a gent, but no. © sandyisabelle / Twitter
  • One time, I was 4 minutes late to my shift because of unexpected traffic. When I come in, some girl is late as well. My boss is tearing into us about how horrible we are. I’m never late, she always is. She’s giving a sob story about her dog being sick (she always says a variation of someone being sick). Then my boss asked me why I was late, and I said, “No excuse. I messed up, and I’m sorry” and he flipped out. “No excuse? Ha ha ha! If I was late for a meeting and I didn’t give my boss an excuse, he would fire me!” So I told him that I was being honest and didn’t want to fool him with a sob story. He didn’t care, really. © Unknown Author / Reddit
  • My boy (6y.o.) asked me:
    Max — Dad, when you get old. Do you have to marry a girl?
    Me — Well... No
    Max — Cool, because I want to get a motorcycle. © Urban Björkman / Quora
  • My dad never warned my dates, but his typical shtick was asking them to change the oil in his car. One boyfriend blew his expectations out of the water when he very earnestly and innocently said, “I don’t know how, but I am hoping to learn from my brother this summer.” Neither of us owned a car or a driver’s license. 20 years later, dad is still impressed, and I am still friends with the guy. © Tericakes / Reddit
  • I told my senior year prom date that I loved her at the end of the night. She said, “That must be hard.” © The_GregBear / Reddit
  • I met this amazing 6-year-old kid who is crazy about cars. I heard this conversation between him and his mother.
    Mom: You need to study well to get a good job so that you can drive whatever luxury car you want.
    Kid (very confidently): Naaah! Not needed. I can always become a driver and drive whatever car I want.
    Fair enough. © Divya Murugesan / Quora
  • I live in a retirement community, we were having dinner. I was seated next to 5 nice old ladies. I overheard one of them say, “I’m 102.” All the others started to disagree with her saying, “I was born in the first half of the 20th century, I’m 86... etc etc” This got pretty heated nobody could hear too well either... After a lot of remarks like “rubbish” “no way” etc. “What’s for dessert?” And lots of age declarations. She said, “I was talking about my weight.” You can’t make this stuff up. ©
    Dave Jones / Quora
  • My 7-year-old just asked ME when was his birthdate. I told him his birthday and the exact time of birth. Him: you know too much of my personal business. © themultiplemom / Twitter
  • I had a woman ask me not to fix the loud creak noise when opening the driver’s door. Naturally, I was curious for her reasoning. She explained that she relied on that noise to verify the fact her teenage daughter had arrived home at night. @ Brian Rose / Quora
  • Pilot: Hello passengers. I know everyone is in a hurry, but I wanted to let you know that my mother-in-law just called me. She is running late for our flight and is currently approaching the security line. (Everyone on the plane gave a collective groan.) Pilot: I don’t want her to make the flight, so please get seated, and we can pull away from this gate and get out of here. © Michael Bernhard / Quora

Can you give us an example of a funny truth?

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