16 Stories From Weddings That the Newlyweds Remember as Not Only the Most Romantic Day of Their Lives, but Also the Most Ridiculous

The most precious thing a newlywed couple has after the big day is over is not the gifts they receive from family and friends, but the memories of the most important day of their lives. And among the touching, romantic and sweet stories, it’s the quirky ones that, like the cherry on a sundae, make it special, and will be remembered most vividly.

  • Bride and Groom came over and told me to hold everything calm and nice as her parents were very conservative and they didn’t want to shock them in any way. The co-worker’s gift to the couple were leopard design fur string for him and the same design bikini for her. As soon as this gift has been opened, the bride’s father came over to me and wanted the microphone. He then started yelling into the microphone “We want to see if this underwear fits!” He didn’t stop until his daughter and son-in-law moved to a quiet room and came back dressed into nothing else than this underwear. Guess who shocked who at that wedding. © StephenNawlins / Reddit
  • I went to one of my office colleague’s wedding recently. There was this guy in every family photo they clicked. After dinner, I went back to my colleague to congratulate him and soon, we started conversing casually. I asked: “Hey, who was that guy in every family pic of yours?” His reply: “Ohh that guy, he would be my wife’s husband”. He actually meant sister’s husband. Heights of wedding day nervousness! And, he didn’t even realize what he said, and we all started laughing. © Jyotsana Sharma / Quora
  • The wedding party was an unusual one, but very great to work with. Both the bride and groom families were all hardcore metalheads. When I asked the couple what they wanted their first dance to be, they surprised me by saying they wanted “Slayer — Raining Blood.” I wasn’t sure how they were going to dance to this, but agreed to have it ready. The bride and groom stand close getting ready for what looks like a traditional dance... And then shocked me by doing a ballroom dance to Slayer, by dancing at half tempo to the song’s regular BPM. By far the absolute coolest first dance I’ve ever had the pleasure of seeing. © itsbentheboy / Reddit
  • In India my cousin got married and the word for “flowers” got lost in translation. We ended up getting a huge delivery of carrots. © Bangindesi / Reddit
  • A two-friends-from-college wedding was just awkward. Their first kiss was at the altar. When they finished the pastor said, “Aww come on you can do better than that.” © ItchyPage / Reddit
  • While bride was waiting just inside the front doors of the church for the organ processional to begin, most of the bride’s extra long train was outside. During the wait, a little neighborhood dog “made a bed” for himself and went soundly to sleep on her train. No one noticed the dog sleeping on it until she was most of the way down the aisle approaching the altar. Everyone thought it was cute. So they let it stay, undisturbed. The little dog slept on the bride’s train until the end when the loud recessional on the church’s pipe organ awakened it. © Back2Bach / Reddit
  • In my country, there’s a custom where after the wedding, at some point of the evening the groom’s friends “steal the bride,” and the groom has to fulfill some tasks to get her back. At one friend’s wedding, we did this with a twist. There was another wedding at the other part of the same venue, so we thought, hey, let’s exchange the two brides. We went over with “our” bride, found the other bride, filled her in, and took her to our party. What we forgot to do, was to fill in the other groom, who we didn’t even meet at our brief time over there. After ten minutes, a very baffled, and somewhat angry guy in a tux came looking for the fools who apparently stole his bride. We had a very tense few minutes until we explained the situation to him. © Unknown Author / Reddit
  • I barely knew the bride, who was the daughter of my baby sitter. I didn’t know anyone from the groom’s side of the wedding party, but I noticed they were pacing and looked like the world was ending. I went an asked them what was the problem. The groom had left the wedding ring in his apartment 25 miles away. So I volunteered to take the drive through Chicago traffic, and told the groom that he had to give me his keys and exact instructions to find the ring. I was trained to drive fire trucks and also had been a professional driver for many years. It all worked out well. I made it back, just as the bride’s father was about to enter the sanctuary with her. © 5s-are-cool / Reddit
  • At my cousin’s wedding, the father of the groom gave this really, really long blessing. After he’d been droning on forever, he turned his paper over and had just as many notes on the back as the front. At this exact moment, the three-year-old flower girl let out the world’s biggest yawn of boredom. The timing was perfect (and was what the rest of us wanted to do). © Crazycatlover/ Reddit
  • I was covering coatcheck one night and I overhead someone lightly crying from a nearby fitting room. The Bride walked out and seemed embarrassed that I heard her, and she was having a mild panic attack. We got to talking and I got her laughing a bit, yet she didn’t want to go back upstairs. “No big deal,” says, I and I trained her on how to work the coat room. She was having a blast, all the relatives played along, and I even let her keep the tips. © The68Guns / Reddit
  • I was at my dad’s wedding to my ex-stepmom. It came time for the bouquet and garter toss. When my stepmom threw the bouquet, my grandmother caught it. We were all pretty stunned since the woman was the frailest little old lady you’d ever meet. When it was time for my dad to throw the garter, every single man on the floor ran away. The DJ ran up, grabbed the garter, ran back to his setup, and played Pony by Ginuwine, and then proceeded to perform a full dance over to my grandmother and put the garter on her leg. I’ve never seen her turn so red before or since. © Big-Pollution2705 / Reddit
  • When my best friend got married, I was one of the groomsmen. My first time in a tuxedo, lookin’ sharp. Now, the tux I had, there were these buckles at the waistline — not like a belt buckle, as it turns out, but I had no idea what they were there for. I was hanging out with others in the wedding party, and one pointed them out: “Hey, what are those buckles for?” (Being a smart guy) “Oh, they’re to hook your thumbs in so you can look cool. Like this.” I hooked my thumbs into the buckles, which caused them to open, loosening the waist, and my pants slid to the ground in full view of everyone. © Swampwolf42 / Reddit
  • I was going to use my sister’s wedding dress for my wedding. We live in Florida and she’s in Texas and brought the dress to Florida and I didn’t get to try it on until the wedding day. Didn’t fit. My pregnant sister, my mom, and me drove like crazy to a store and I bought a dress off the mannequin. We got a flat tire on a bridge going to the Florida key to my parent’s house where the wedding was on. Made it by 20 minutes and borrowed my new mother-in-law’s shoes. 53 years and counting now. © Typically_Talking / Reddit
  • I had one of my friends from high school get married in a ridiculous way. His fiancé at the time invited him to lunch at Buffalo Wild Wings and she had also invited the whole family (they were in on it) and once my friend showed up, he found out it was a surprise wedding. The even more ridiculous part is they didn’t like reserve the restaurant or anything so in his wedding photos (standing in front of the bathrooms by the way) you can see complete strangers coming out of the bathrooms. © TaintedTruth222 / Reddit
  • At my brother’s wedding, my niece was four years old, and she decided after seeing my brother, my other brother do speeches she should too. She proceeded to tell everyone that when her mum and dad got married she was in her mums tummy and sometimes she wished she could crawl back up into it to take a nap. © loulabelle20 / Reddit
  • We were watching our best friends get married at the altar. While the priest was reading his lines to them, the bridesmaid behind the bride started messing with the bride’s wedding veil. Eventually, she gave it a hard shake, and a bee dropped straight into the bride’s cleavage. Groom started to reach for her chest but immediately threw his hands up, since it “wasn’t his time yet.” Eventually, the bee was knocked out of the dress and hit the ground hard in front of the groom, who stomped on it. The priest told the groom to consider that his first act of service as a husband. © DragonsEmerald / Reddit

Have you ever witnessed any curious situations at a wedding? If so, tell us about them in the comments.

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