10+ Beauty Secrets That Help Korean Women Look Much Younger Than They Are

Korean women are famous for taking very good care of their appearance. And sometimes, it’s almost impossible to tell how old they really are. The thing is, from a very young age, they take care of their skin to make it stay young for as long as possible, instead of fixing age signs after noticing them.

We at CHEERY were curious about the tricks women in Korea use to look younger than they are.

1. No rubbing, but tapping

Many Korean women use this trick: they tap beauty products onto their skin, instead of rubbing them. This way, they also massage the skin.

2. They use special pads instead of cotton disks.

Korean women don’t use cotton disks as we’re used to. The ones they use are more like pads, and they don’t absorb the product. This way, they can spread the cream evenly around the face.

3. They love skin oils.

As part of the cleansing, almost all women use oils that dissolve the dirt and can easily remove the beauty product remains. They apply oils not only during cleansing but also when they put on the foundation when the skin is dry and needs moisturizing.

4. They use the 10-second rule.

These women try to wash off their makeup when they come home and apply serums and tonics within 10 seconds after washing. Thanks to this, the products have time to work for several hours before sleep, and before going to bed, they apply night masks.

5. They wash their faces with green tea.

Everyone knows that Korean women protect their skin carefully from the sun and try to do anything to make it paler. One of the ways they use is by making green tea, cooling it down, and after cleansing the face, they wash their skin with it to make their complexion tone more even.

6. Slapping the face

Face slapping is one of the most popular techniques among women and girls in Korea. They slap themselves on the face, cheeks, forehead, and chin 50 times and more to improve the blood circulation after cleansing.

7. Charcoal and mucin

Korean really love face masks and other beauty products with charcoal and mucin. Charcoal helps remove the dirt from the skin and exfoliate it, while mucin is a good moisturizer. It gets rid of pigmentation, evens out the color, and softens the skin.

8. They use patches for blemishes.

Perhaps every girl knows how much trouble the redness after acne can bring. And Korean women use special patches that help to get rid of inflammation faster.

9. They drink barley tea.

Everyone knows matcha, oolong, green, and black tea. But you might not have heard about barley tea, and even if you’ve heard about it, there’s a good chance you don’t really know what it is. It turns out, it’s good for your skin. It’s because it contains a lot of antioxidants and helps improve blood circulation. In cafés, you can see the names bori-cha or mugi-cha.

10. They cleanse their faces with a muslin cloth.

Another trick for having beautiful skin is wiping the face with a muslin cloth. It should be soaked in hot water and then you should massage your face with it. You can do a deep cleanse while massaging at the same time.

11. They take half baths.

In Korea, they have a procedure called “half bath”. They are hot baths with water that just reaches the belly button, while the upper body stays completely dry.

Women believe that this procedure improves blood circulation and moisturizes the skin. And then, they apply different serums and masks on the hot face, so the products are more effective.

Bonus: Use the Jamsu technique

This technique is used to make the makeup look fresh for the entire day. This is what you can do: after applying makeup, dip your face into a bowl of icy water for 10-15 seconds. After that, let the face dry naturally.

Have you ever used Korean beauty tricks? What was the effect?

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