18 People Decided to Have Beauty Injections and Plastic Surgery, but It Didn’t Go as Smoothly as They’d Hoped

Research has shown that the overall demand for beauty treatments in 2021 almost doubled compared to 2020. This was explained, firstly, by the fact that after lockdown, people wanted to look fresher and more rested in daily life and, secondly, by their desire to look better in selfies. Therefore, it seems only natural that now people turn to beauticians and plastic surgeons in pursuit of a better version of themselves. However, often, it’s not so easy to accept the results.

“I actually cried a few times during recovery. It really just takes time! My swelling is a lot better but it can take up to 3 months or more!”

“I am incredibly happy with the results. One thing I’ve noticed is that it made my bottom lip (appear) smaller.”

Eventually, when the swelling goes down, the results are stunning. Excited by their transformation, people are happy to share their before and after shots with the entire Internet. It’s also interesting to see how cosmetic procedures have transformed the faces of famous women.

“Today is one of those days where I regret getting surgery. My results were very different from my expectations, I really wasn’t expecting the tip to be so bulbous.”

“Nine weeks post-op rhino and it ruined my front view.”

“Got first-time-ever lip fillers. Will that bumpy/wavy look under my upper lip finally disappear or should I consider dissolving it already? I’m so frustrated... I don’t wanna have such top lip when I smile..”

  • “I have those bumps almost every time. Sometimes I just wait and massage my lips, and it goes away. Sometimes I ask for another bit to even it out.” © ljalja_ / Reddit

“I now have a dark line on one side. Has this happened to anyone else?”

“I got cheek filler on the recommendation to balance out my upper and lower face, and I HATE it still 6 weeks later. I feel like it made my face more round and swollen.”

“I hate my lip fillers.”

  • “She injected your vermillion border (where you would put lip liner), which gives you the duck look. You could have someone dissolve it, and when it’s redone, say you do not want any filler on the vermillion border. You have M-shaped lips and they can look nice if injected properly.” © unknown author / Reddit

Sometimes it’s definitely worth giving up fillers if you don’t like how you look with them. See how celebrities are supporting the trend of not altering the natural lip contour. And some even prefer natural ageing without cosmetic intervention.

“I recently got cheek fillers, and I’m upset about the results. I feel as though I still need in the apple of my cheeks.”

“Three months post-op, really unhappy with the results. I understand surgery causes swelling, I’ve just never seen anyone with results like this that have healed well.”

  • “Some of these surgeons are a joke. They have poor aesthetic judgment, do what they want, and are protected because there is no guarantee of results and they make unverifiable post-hoc justifications.” © Rhinota2023 / Reddit

“I knew before I got the surgery that swelling takes a long time to go away which is why I’m not too worried about it.”

“I’m currently four months post-op, and on the left side of my face, there is a bump.”

“Has anyone else’s nose changed after double jaw surgery? Or is my new nose temporary because my face is still swollen?”

  • “Your nose will permanently be different after a major surgery like this. Especially given how much your maxilla has been shifted. It may not look exactly like this a year from now, but it won’t revert back to your original nose shape either.” © WelleWelleWelle / Reddit

“One side of my nose tip is pointier after rhinoplasty, causing my nose to look crooked.”

  • “I have something similar to this (4 months post-op). A surgeon told me it could be fixed easily by adding cartilage to the flat nostril without opening the entire nose. You can ask the surgeon who performed the surgery if he can improve the results. Some surgeons offer free touch-ups.” © TryApart2178 / Reddit

“Rhinoplasty 10 days post op — hate how my nose looks. Right now, I feel like the space between my nose and lips is too large and my nostrils are too upturned.”

“Nose still huge 7 months after revision rhinoplasty. Spent $30,000 in total and feeling very upset. I still have huge nostrils, a bump, and a bulbous tip. Could cry right now.”

“Got Botox in crow’s feet, jaw, as well as some lip filler. Now I can barely lift my right side to smile. It makes that side of my face look fatter, chipmunk like”

“Worries about the border of my lips”

Unfortunately, not everyone gets the desired result once the cosmetic procedure is over. In such cases, frustrated Internet users rush to share their disappointment with others, looking for words of encouragement.

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