20+ Coincidences Which Prove That Glitches in the Matrix Are Real

In the hustle and bustle of everyday life, we can often overlook the unusual things the universe throws at us. But the people in today’s compilation have noticed striking coincidences which someone else might have simply overlooked. So we decided to share these photos with you, to show you that the matrix does seem to glitch sometimes.

“My hair matches my pillow case.”

“Coffee randomly matched my socks.”

“Neighbor’s new paint matches the sky perfectly.”

“My friend made a smoothie that matches the color of the shorts he’s wearing almost perfectly.”

“My puppy and I have matching lip scars.”

Dogs are unlikely to benefit from this, but some people turn their scars into real works of art.

“My buddy’s carpet matches his dad’s dog perfectly.”

“My son and I have matching freckles in the same spot.”

“These cupcake papers match my sister.”

In this expectation vs reality lottery, this girl hit the jackpot without even expecting it. But not every customer is that lucky.

“My son matches the placemat at Chic-Fil-A.”

“My dog and I have the same size foot.”

This sweet photo is further proof that humans and animals are made for each other.

“The number of asparagus sprigs in the bunch matched the number of grooves in my griddle pan.”

“My leggings matched the gym floor.”

“My uber driver to work and I matched.”

This, of course, is just a coincidence, but sometimes the service can be so impressive that you’ll never forget it.

“My gloves match my shirt today...”

“I just cut two different peppers and they match each other. The result is really satisfying.”

This is quite unusual, but sometimes people come across things so out of the ordinary that you wouldn’t believe it if it wasn’t for the photo.

“Perfect Banana Angle”

“My twin sister adopted a cat. We match!”

“Sky color matches up with the local supermarket.”

“This mask matched my boyfriend’s skin tone a little to well...”

“Got a new armrest at work, which happen to fit perfectly around my pregnant belly.”

“This crane looks like he’s wearing my sneakers.”

Preview photo credit kardashevy / Reddit
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