Brendan Fraser Won a Well-Deserved Oscar and Shared the Joy With His Family, As Well As Making the Rest of the World Euphoric

This year’s Oscar ceremony brought a lot of emotion to all the participants and the audience. But the culmination of all the excitement was Brendan Fraser receiving the award for Best Actor. The audience applauded him, while the actor himself teared up and delivered a moving speech. We, too, can’t hide our joy and join in honoring the winner.

Well-deserved victory


On stage, the Oscar-winning actor couldn’t contain his feelings, he was completely overwhelmed. The past year marked his triumphant return to serious creative work, and, having received recognition, Fraser let his emotions take over.

In his speech, he thanked those involved in the production of the film, as well as the other actors nominated for the Best Actor category. He also praised the incredible talent of his film partner, actress Hong Chau.

“I started in this business 30 years ago, and things, they didn’t come easily to me, but there was a facility that I didn’t appreciate at the time, until it stopped. And I just want to say thank you for this acknowledgment.”

The Whale

Darren Aronofsky’s film resonated with the audiences and Fraser was instrumental in making this happen. He masterfully embodied his character, Charlie, who survived the death of a loved one and is trying to mend his relationship with his daughter.

In the film, the main character is a morbidly obese man who gained weight due to overeating as a result of grief. To portray this character, Brendan had to spend four hours a day on makeup. His costume weighed about 299 lbs, so the actor had to endure a lot of physically hard work, which he did with dignity.

“I developed muscles I did not know I had. I even felt a sense of vertigo at the end of the day when all the appliances were removed; it was like stepping off the dock onto a boat in Venice.”

The whole family came to support him.

Chris Pizzello/Invision/East News, Chris Pizzello/Invision/East News

The people closest to Brendan were there for him during the ceremony and they were the first to congratulate him on his deserved victory. In an interview on the red carpet at the beginning of the Oscars, his sons Leland and Holden told reporters how proud they were of him.

For the actor, their faith and support were very important. He revealed how the boys surprised him when they found out about his nomination for the cherished statuette. They snuck into his house and met their unsuspecting father with a cake and balloons.


The actor, whose career has been full of ups and downs, has managed to prove to everyone that hard work and patience are bound to pay off. After the resounding success of The Whale and Brendan’s exceptional performance, it’s hard to imagine that he won’t be flooded with job offers.

Martin Scorsese has already cast Fraser in his western, Killers of the Flower Moon, which is scheduled to premiere in 2023. And we’re absolutely sure we’ll be hearing the beloved actor’s name much more often from now on.

“I just want you to know, for real, all the actors out there who have gone through that, who are going through that, I know how you feel. But believe me, if you just stay in there and you put one foot in front of the other, you get to where you need to go. Have courage.”
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