20+ Photos of Men of the 20th Century That Prove That Good Looks are Timeless

We recently wrote an article about the unique beauty of people that lived many years ago, and we showed their portraits as examples. But almost all of them were women. We think that that was probably a little bit unfair and decided to make a separate compilation with men. Just look at these expressive faces, especially in the bonus at the end!

“My grandfather the day before he shipped out with the Marines, 1941.”

“That strange feeling when you realize your great-grandfather was a hottie.”

“My great-granddad Magnus in 1912.”

“My great-grandpa sometime in the mid-1940s.”

“My grandpa in his prime, 1960s.”

Genetics is an amazing thing. It makes us unique and at the same time similar to our ancestors. When you see a photo of a beautiful man from a past epoch, you want to believe that his beauty has not gone into oblivion and is also inherited.

“My grandfather circa WWII. He watched Pearl Harbor happen in Hawaii and joined up. He surfed with legends in Honolulu.”

“My great-grandfather at 20 years old, 1936.”

“My great-grandpa.”

“My grandpa in his early twenties, probably 22, in 1955 or so!”

“My dad playing cards in the Air Force, 1960s.”

“My grandfather when he played for the Oklahoma Sooners.”

Old family photos have their charm. Some descendants are so passionate about them that they recreate old photos, taking pictures of themselves in the same clothes and settings.

“I had the most handsome grandfather.”

“My great-grandfather circa 1938.”

“My great-grandpa, sometime in the 1940s. We never met, but I love you, gramps.”

Often when looking at an old photo, we imagine what it would be like to see this person in modern times. Sometimes it’s so interesting that we use new technologies to go and satisfy our curiosity.

“My grandfather back in the 1940s.”

“My grandfather in 1952.”

“My grandfather in Naval Flight School in 1956.”

“Today I learned that my great grandfather was a very handsome man. My family believes that this picture was taken around 1929.”

“My husband’s grandfather in late 1930s.”

In the last century, men dressed in elaborate styles: they wore suits, canes and stylish hats. And while some of the fashion trends of the time may seem strange now, each has its own story behind it.

“My grandfather in the 1950s.”

“My father, December 1969.”

“Today was the first time I’ve ever seen a picture of my grandad. Here he is with my aunt, early 1960s.”

When we look for old photos of our relatives, we often learn something new about our ancestors. Families can have many secrets, even among celebrities.

“My father sometime in the 70s.”

“This is a pic of my grandfather. I don’t think flapper grandma would have been much of a challenge for him.”

“My grandpa Arneal. He had 9 children, my mother being one of them.”

Bonus: “My grandad, age 8, dripping in finesse, circa 1941”

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