17 People Who Will Never Forget Their Ex

There are many different reasons why couples break up, but sometimes it’s not both of them who want to move on. And usually, when one of them is still very much invested in the relationship, unexpected, if not crazy things can happen. From countless missed calls and messages to other more serious occurrences, exes can be very intimidating.

  • There is an old mansion in my city where the husband got really creative. While the wife was touring around Europe on an extended vacation, the courts awarded her half of his property in their divorce. He had the front half of the house cut off, moved 8 miles, and added it to his new home. © Jer_Cough / Reddit
  • After breaking up, my ex stalked me and my new boyfriend. It was sick. He would come to my work and bring me lunch. HE NEVER DID THAT WHEN WE WERE TOGETHER! He called when I wasn’t at home and left me messages with love songs. It was so annoying! I had to go through all these messages just to get to the ones that other people had left for me. It was only after I said some really bad things to him that he realized what he had been doing the whole time. Then we became friends. © Anonymous / Quora
  • I suspected she was crazy long before I knew her, but I realized she was a sociopath when she asked me to euthanize my dog because “he was taking up too much of ’our’ time.” © lazlounderhill / Reddit
  • My last ex had me fired from my job, kicked out of my house, then started dating my best friend, all on the same day. © Shablasha / Reddit

“My ex took the first wood table I built in the divorce, so I added concrete to the second one.”

  • My ex proposed to me publicly, at a bar, in front of all of our friends. He liked the way it went so much that he proposed to me 2 more times at 2 different places. In our hometown. In front of everyone we know. I said yes. 3 times. So, we set a date, and I planned the whole wedding. Bought the dress, set up the hall, and chose the catering. Flowers. Everything. The only jobs he had were to buy/rent tuxedos for himself and his groomsmen and to find someone to marry us on the date we had chosen. It was getting really close to our date and he hadn’t done any of the things that he agreed to do. I finally confronted him about a month before this whole event that I had planned. He told me that he was not going to marry me and that he didn’t think that I was going to take his proposal(s) so seriously and actually plan a wedding. Three times! I am happily married to someone else now. © aubrey_25_99 / Reddit
  • So I found this key at work last night. Being the good samaritan that I am, I called the number. Turns out this guy’s ex-wife made about a hundred of these keys, put his number on them, and scattered them around the country on her road trip. He is now getting calls 24/7 because of it. This is some nuclear-level revenge. © NotaScientologist / Imgur
  • Sometimes humor can be the best way to save your relationships.
  • My ex and I were still together when he got expelled from college for some reason. So he returned to his hometown, called me from there, and told me about his friend Sakshi. He once told me she wanted to talk to me through Google Talk, so she could tell me how awesome my boyfriend was and how much she loved him before she lost him because of me. And then I found out that my Facebook profile was blocked because someone had tried to access it. And finally, I found out that Sakshi was a fake account created by my ex. © Anonymous / Quora
  • A friend of mine found a gif of the “I’m typing” dots that you can send to someone in a text. It just goes on and on forever. He sends it to his ex when she gets blabby. So far, she hasn’t caught on. © sweetmarrow / Reddit
  • We had lived together for years, so after the breakup, I agreed to let my ex stay for a few weeks while she found somewhere to live. I went away for a week and came back to find my house in such a state. The worst part is she had spilled water into a drawer containing the only photo in existence of my great-grandmother. Luckily, it wasn’t damaged. © Mau5_matt / Reddit
  • Sometimes the weird habits can make you partner charming.
  • My friend’s sister dated a man who was 13 years older than her. One day, when she came home, she found a pair of women’s panties in their bed. She knew they weren’t hers. Instead of confronting him, she washed them and put them on. When he came home, his face was white and he was speechless. She told him, “Look, honey, I finally found those old panties I lost years ago!” For several weeks, she was the perfect girlfriend: she didn’t argue and she kept the house clean, but she read a lot of books about criminals and watched similar shows. The guy became paranoid and thought that even his pillows were dangerous. In the end, he told her the truth and moved to a different town. © Leeza Fedosova / Quora
  • I was in a relationship with my ex for 3 years. Never met or talked to any of her family members Not even on call or text. In the first month of the relationship, she made me block every one of them on every platform. Now I realize how big of a red flag it was. © gymfreak6969 / Quora
  • My phone rings: “Hey, just wanted to let you know that I’m getting married this afternoon and I’m pregnant so now is your last chance...” Two years later my phone rings: “Hey, I’m pregnant again and getting married again...this is your real last chance...© KylerTopFlight / Reddit
  • Bad cooking skills can not ruin relationships but can bring a lot of harm to the kitchen.

“My co-worker got an interesting surprise at work today.”

  • My husband’s ex (just a girlfriend from high school) set up an appointment for a portrait session to have pictures done of our 3 children for her house. No, we did not let that fruitcake take our children. They broke up during their senior year of high school, and this happened when we were in our 30s. Shocked at being contacted by her, never mind the appointment, we found out she also had her phone number listed (we used phone books then) as Mrs. Our Surname all these years, which was never her name. She was still stuck in her high school fantasy, which was frightening. © FenceGirl / Reddit
  • We just broke up and my ex-boyfriend asked to get his clothes, while I was at work. He took nothing but 1 lightbulb. Also left a mess. © chantelrae / Reddit
  • Some people can find weird solutions even for ordinary problems.
  • We’d been together around 8 years when it happened. He decided to take me to a jewelry store, and I was super excited! We looked at rings and I found one I absolutely loved. We’d been together for so long, and all I wanted to do was marry him. He didn’t buy a ring, but I knew it was coming soon. A few weeks later, I went shopping with his mom, and she thought it would be fun to look at wedding dresses. While we were there the staff gave us lots of books and wedding planning stuff. When my boyfriend saw the pamphlets, he immediately got angry. He said, “Did you actually think that we are going to get married? I would never marry you!” Later that year, we split. © Skeleton_4_Friend / Reddit
  • Lied to her roommate about being able to afford rent. Had to sit there embarrassingly with her while she was kicked out. Left me there with all our stuff (since she had us previously evicted and I was crashing with her, mostly as moral support, codependency issues) and proceeded to call her “homies” to pick her up at 4 AM, leaving me stranded in the lobby. © y047h / Reddit
  • My brother’s ex has been stealing our Netflix for the past 2 months now by disguising her account as “settings,” and, honestly, I ain’t even mad. I’m just really disappointed in myself for actually believing that an account named “settings” would legitimately be Netflix settings. © imissavdol / Twitter
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