20 People That Saw Things Their Brains Couldn’t Fathom

UFOs, weird prints on the wall, Slenderman walking in the forest, and a ghost without a head guarding the cemetery — here are some examples of the strangest things Internet users have seen. We’re honestly having a hard time finding a logical explanation for these phenomena.

“This circle that appeared in the evening sky over Beijing, China.”

“May 5th of last year, my girlfriend and I saw what looked like a perfectly straight long dark object within some clouds.”

“Mysterious footprints burned into the grass.”

“My brand-new car had an old document appear in the windshield, but it’s only visible when there’s condensation on the glass.”

  • I have a similar problem. I had my windshield replaced and whenever it fogs up you can see a foot and toe prints but completely invisible otherwise. I can’t get rid of it no matter how hard I try! © Welsh_Arizonan / Reddit

“This cloud looks like a UFO.”

Pilots regularly report having seen a UFO, but according to professionals, the origin of almost all the UFOs is explained scientifically.

“In the aerial photograph of my grandparents’ old house from the 70s, there’s a ’ghost’ truck in the grass.”

“Mysterious keyhole on a rock outside my school.”

“The way the light shines through the window makes it look like there’s a glowing poodle.”

“Was driving and saw this strange falling object.”

“These 4 identical patterns showed up on only one of my windows when they fogged up.”

“My kitchen cabinet has knots that look like a happy alien.”

“Some ghostly images left behind on this nickel that’s been trapped in my washing machine for an unknown amount of time.”

“I once took pictures of the Moon and now looking back at them, I saw this on 3 pictures, can anyone explain what it is?”

“This is a photo of me when I was 15 at my school formal after party. It’s not a wow ghost photo, but there appears to be a black figure above my friend’s head. I believe it’s my friend Lachlan, who died a month before.”

41% of Americans believe in ghosts. Many participants of the poll see ghosts as a friendly reminder of someone they lost. It may be a family member or a partner who passed away.

“I close my Venetian blinds before I go to bed and have woken in the morning to find these knots in them? I first thought they could be caused by wind and cord tension, but they are quite complex knots. I can’t think of any logical explanation.”

“The 4th floor supposedly has the ghost of a barefoot lady who dances around. Not only did we hear weird creaking (I got a video of that), but after my brother’s girlfriend went through her pictures she noticed a footprint in the dust.”

“Found this cool light in the clouds.”

“The bubbles at the bottom of my water glass look like a script of some kind.”

“Was standing on the edge of the tub painting high up and thought a hair was touching my leg, looked down to see this. No kids live here. My son passed away in July.”

“Woke up with five parallel scratches on my shoulder. I sleep by myself and don’t own pets.”

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