13 Events and Trends of the 90s-00s That Make Us Want to Sing “Oops, I Did It Again”

What do the 90s and early 2000s remind you of? Capris, reality shows about celebrity newlyweds, or a passionate kiss at a music ceremony? We decided to remind you of the bright events and symbols of that time. Looking at these pictures is like going back in time to our carefree childhood and youth.

20+ Tattoos That Belong in a Humor Museum, Not on the Body

Anyone can fall victim to a tattoo mishap — just think of Ariana Grande’s “Japanese-style barbecue grill” ink on the palm of her hand. Sometimes people are let down by unscrupulous or outright unskilled artists, while others go so far down the rabbit hole of imagination when choosing their design that it’s hard to suppress a chuckle when looking at the end result.

18 People Who Just Wanted to Make a Purchase, But Learned a Tough Lesson Instead

No one likes to get into bad situations, let alone to lose money. Many people have had to learn through their own experience how easily they could lose their savings if they stumbled upon someone else’s negligence or even fraud. We found situations that prove that it doesn’t matter how much a person pays, there’s no way to be protected from disappointing purchases. Some tricks from dishonest companies can con even the most experienced clients.

Dua Lipa Has Always Been Independent, But Only After Her Breakup Realized That She Wanted to Enjoy Being Single

Over the course of her career, singer Dua Lipa has won three Grammys and a number of other awards, as well as setting two world records (for the highest number of tickets sold for a livestreamed concert and the highest number of monthly listeners on Spotify). She has continued to develop her career and grow as a person. After the end of a long-term relationship, Lipa is learning to enjoy being single and sharing her experience with the world.

Billy Zane Doesn’t Need Big Movie Projects. He’s Happy Raising His Daughters and Creating Unique Paintings

Many who watched Titanic have probably shed tears for Jack and Rose’s relationship and sincerely disliked her selfish fiancé, Caledon. This bad-guy role became Billy Zane’s trademark and brought him worldwide fame.Although the actor’s name is no longer popular, we decided to find out how he is doing. It turns out that he is enjoying a quiet family life and has found a hobby he loves.

20+ People Who Found Treasure in the Trash

Sometimes, people throw away very nice things. There can be different reasons why they do this: some need more space, while others just want to get rid of the things they don’t use. Anyway, it’s great when people that really need something find it. Our team is sincerely happy for the people that literally stumbled upon good things. And in the bonus, you will find several stories from our readers.

After 2 Divorces, Sally Field Decided Not to Have Any More Relationships. For 30 Years, She’s Been Happy With Her Family

Not so long ago, there was a stereotype in our society that a woman should be married. If she got divorced, that just meant it was time to find a new husband. Such beliefs have become a thing of the past, and more and more women see the difference between being single and feeling lonely. For example, Sally Field, a two-time Oscar winner who has been living without romance for almost 30 years, devotes her time to work, hobbies, and her children and grandchildren. And she is perfectly happy.

A Woman Was Going on Holiday With Her Husband, but Her Mother-In-Law Wanted to Go With Them. This Story Racked Up Thousands of Comments

When you meet the right person and start a family with them, it can seem like nothing can get in the way of your happiness. Often, however, when you marry the person you love, you also get their whole family in the bargain. And these people can easily end up meddling in your life without any sense of personal boundaries.One Reddit user has experienced this first-hand. Her mother-in-law secretly decided to fly with them on holiday and unexpectedly showed up at the airport. The woman decided to not put up with this, and did something no one expected. But hundreds of people supported her decision.

18 Photos Proving That Your Next Cool Find May Be Lurking Just Around the Corner

Our world is full of the most unusual things. Even the most ordinary day can at some point bring something extraordinary, which a person will immediately want to share with the whole world. You never know what you might find: a piece of wedding cake from 1957 or a sturdy safe lying right on the shore.

“I’d Never Been Kissed Until I Was 32.” A Young Woman Went on Her First Date as an Adult, and Her Story Resonated With Thousands of Women

Allora Campbell is 32 years old, lives in New York, works for a biotechnology company, and writes books at night. The charming young woman likes gardening, traveling, dogs, superhero stories, and reads any fiction she can get her hands on. Also, until recently, Allora had never been kissed and had avoided dating like the plague.

18 People Recreated Their Favorite Old Photos With Their Loved Ones

Our photo archives are a treasure trove of magical emotions and warm nostalgia. It’s so nice when some people don’t let treasured pictures from the past fade from memory and recreate them many years later. We couldn’t ignore this tradition, so we’re sharing the most vivid examples of such photos from the web.

Vanessa Hudgens Looked for Love With Hollywood Hotties but Found it With an Athlete Who’s 8 Years Younger Than Her

No one knows when they’ll meet the person that will become their nearest and dearest. Often it happens completely unexpectedly. Vanessa Hudgens, for example, just wanted to do yoga, but ended up meeting her fiancé-to-be. The happy couple recently got engaged and are now happier than ever.

15 Stars Who Dared to Make Radical Changes to Their Image and Did It for a Reason

Stars often have to change their image in order to keep up with the latest fashion trends or to match their new stage image. But sometimes, like everyone else, they choose a new haircut to gain back confidence in their abilities, lift their spirits, or cope with life’s difficulties. Celebrities can even use a new hairstyle to draw public attention to important issues.

Ashley Graham Stopped Breastfeeding Her Twins After 5 Months and Gave a Clever Retort to Everyone Judging Her

In the February 2023 episode of The Daily Show, model Ashley Graham honestly announced that she is no longer breastfeeding her 1-year-old twins. She switched the babies to formula at the age of 5 months and clearly stated her position on the matter.

16 Celebrities Whose Beauty Seems to Transcend Time

At her 54 years of age, Baywatch star Donna D’Errico posts photos of herself in a bikini on Instagram and claims she doesn’t consider it a compliment when people tell her she “looks good for her age.” She, like many other celebrities who are no longer 18, is proving to everyone that beauty isn’t dependent on youth. Sometimes, the more mature a woman gets, the more charming she becomes.

20+ Pictures That Show the Remarkable 24/7 Strength of Mothers

Real motherhood is not even close to what you most often see in movies and ads. It’s hard work that takes nerves of steel. But our heroes today don’t just manage to stay on top of everything, they also find the time to post photos of their busy daily lives online. And we’ve decided to pay tribute to them by sharing some of the most striking moments.

“I’m miles happier than when I was younger.” How Helena Bonham Carter Wasn’t Afraid of Having a Child After 40 and Found Love After 50

In a recent interview, Helena Bonham Carter said she wouldn’t like to be young again. On the verge of her 60th birthday, she feels happier than ever. She’s in high demand in her profession and is in love with a handsome man, much younger than her. Moreover, she’s ready to prove to the world that aging is a cool thing if you look at it from the right angle.

The Story of Chris Pratt, Who Went From Homelessness to Becoming a Movie Star but Remained a Guy From a Simple Family at Heart

Chris Pratt has come to be loved by film and TV audiences in a wide variety of genres: comedies (Parks and Recreation), romance (Passengers), and action (Guardians of the Galaxy). But in his youth, Chris didn’t consider an acting career seriously, took any job he could get, and was even homeless for a while. A chance encounter helped him find his calling, change his mother’s life, and make his father proud.

“I’m Absolutely Loving Being a Dad.” Rupert Grint Named His Daughter Wednesday and Has Already Given Her a Magic Wand

The star of the Harry Potter franchise, Rupert Grint, will always be the red-haired, sincere, and brave Ron Weasley to the millions of fans of the saga. But to his daughter, no matter how many iconic roles he has yet to play, the actor will forever be a dad. And Rupert has already proven to be a very gentle and caring father.

20 People Who Prove That, in a Good Marriage, There is Always Something to Joke About

There are some unwritten rules that come with sharing your life with another person, like bickering over who gets to use the toilet first, singing late ’90s songs, secretly watching another Netflix episode, and so on. Today, we have husbands and wives that, no matter what, choose to bless their union with some laughter and humor.