19 People Who Just Wanted to Rent a Cozy Place to Live in, But Fate Had Other Plans

In 2022, tourism doubled compared to 2021, which means that many people had to book accommodations. And while hotels are always there and ready to host people, many of us choose other platforms to book rooms from. Maybe it’s because they are cheaper and make holidays feel like you’re at home away from home. However, these places sometimes can have many negatives that are not easy to resolve.

Orlando Bloom and Katy Perry’s Romance Started With an Argument Over a Burger. Since Then, Though They Fight, They Always Make Up

In February 2023, Orlando Bloom revealed in an interview how he and Katy Perry finally managed to learn to understand each other. “We’re in two very different pools. Her pool is not a pool that I necessarily understand, and I think my pool is not a pool that she necessarily understands, [but] I think we’re both aware of how blessed we are to have uniquely connected in the way that we did at the time that we did,” he noted. Despite some differences, the actor and the singer have a lot in common, which allows their union to only get stronger over the years.

17 Pics That Prove That We Are Always Happy With Those Who Understand Us

Spending time with a loved one has always been considered therapeutic, whether with a child, a parent, or friends. They have the power to lift our spirits and brighten even the gloomiest of days with their unconditional love for us. And the most valuable thing about them is that they adore us without asking for anything in return.

20 Men Who Did a Little Work On Their Hair and Ended Up Looking Like a Different Person

Men go to hair salons or barbershops more often than women, according to a survey. On average, guys have their hair done almost 6 times a year, while gals go almost 4 times within the same period. This goes to show that gents pay attention to their appearance just as much as women. And a new haircut is one simple and cheap way to improve their looks.

A Stalker Splashed Acid in Katie Piper’s Face. After 400 Surgeries and Public Rejection, She Learned to Love Herself and Created a Family

Right now, Katie Piper has lots of awards for charity work, she writes books and makes movies, and she’s also a happy mother and wife. But she had to overcome a huge tragedy, around 400 surgical procedures, and also judgment and contempt from other people to get to where she is today.

17 Photos That Prove a Smile Can Change the Appearance More Than Makeup

A recent study showed that even an imitation of a smile makes people happy, let alone a sincere expression of joy. And even though celebrities often smile for the cameras during red carpet events, photographers sometimes manage to capture their true emotions.

20+ Tweets That Describe Life After 30 in Detail

For some reason, many people are still convinced that our lives only get worse with age, and 30 years old is a point of no return, beyond which there’s no room for joy. In fact, life just changes. And even though our bodies might surprise us in unpleasant ways, we only see the world differently and start reassessing certain things. And very often, life after 30 can be described in a few smart tweets.

How Pedro Pascal Achieved Success at 47, and Now He Devotes It to His Mother, Who Never Got to See Her Son’s Triumph

The path to success for Pedro Pascal, the star of the hit TV series The Last Of Us, was rocky. Before becoming a recognizable and charismatic TV hero, he had to leave his home country and change jobs more than 10 times. However, all his efforts were worth it, and his luck turned around after his role in Game of Thrones. We have looked into how he managed to overcome these challenges and become a star.

15 Celebrities Who Wore Outfits That Gracefully Exposed Their Tattoos

There was a time when appearing at a public event with a tattoo wasn’t very appropriate. But today, red carpets allow stars to not only show off their beautiful outfits, but also to speak out. Scarlett Johansson, Rihanna, and other famous women show their tattoos, combined with gorgeous dresses and jewelry. Just look at how they make their tattoos the main highlight of their look.

16 Wax Figures That Were Supposed to Be Copies of Celebrities, but Something Went Wrong

Getting a wax figure modeled after you can be a big moment, but sometimes these statues don’t turn out as well as one would hope. But, as you know, we believe that everything has a bright side. In this case, we can lightheartedly laugh at the comical figures that become even funnier once you compare them to how their celebrity counterparts actually look in real life.

16 Celebrity Couples Who Step Out of the Red Carpet Looking Just Like the Rest of Us

Celebrities always look fabulous in front of cameras at red-carpet events. Dressed in elegant suits and gorgeous evening dresses, famous couples attract everyone’s attention with their beauty and style. However, their everyday clothing can be much different from what they flaunt on the red carpet. Let’s take a look with our own eyes.

Hate and Fame Ruined Ana de Armas and Ben Affleck’s Relationship. Now She Despises Social Media and Dreams of Deleting Her Instagram

Sometimes it seems that Hollywood stars have a perfect life. Fans, fame, the red carpet — what could be the catch? But at the same time, the paparazzi begin to follow their every move and privacy becomes a thing of the past. Ana de Armas, whose relationship with Ben Affleck fell apart precisely because of such sensation hunters, has had first-hand experience with this. The couple even put a cardboard cut-out of the actress in the backyard of Ben’s house to distract them. Since then, Ana has been very protective of her boundaries and honestly admits that she would even gladly delete her Instagram page.

A Pregnant Woman Couldn’t Forgive Her Husband, Who Didn’t Go to the Doctor With Her and Spent Time With His Friends Instead

In recent years, more and more expectant fathers are actively supporting their partners during pregnancy and in childbirth. This is not only good for men’s health, but also has a positive impact on women and their future children. However, as one Reddit user found out from personal experience, some partners are simply not ready for the challenges that come with bringing a baby into the world.

Avril Lavigne Has Been in Serious Relationships and Knows How to Remain Friends With Her Exes

Avril Lavigne wrote her first album when she was a teenager, and her songs were already about love. She continues to speak out about love in her work, but now she does it with her life experience. Lavigne was married twice and was able to remain friends with both her ex-husbands. Now, she doesn’t worry about marriage and chooses to prioritize other things.

18 Mixed-Race People Whose Looks Are Simply Hypnotic

In a globalized world, we find it increasingly easy to meet people from different countries or explore other cultures without even leaving the couch. But, we rarely notice that interesting racial mixes can emerge from this great interconnection. Because of that, many people proudly display exceptional physical qualities, which can make them stand out.

10 Times When Celebrity Outfits Told a Whole Story

More often than not, individuality is the way to go, especially regarding fashion and outfits. When celebrities step out to show off their gorgeous looks, there is more to them than meets the eye. These icons have hidden messages behind the clothes they wear, but sometimes it’s hard to recognize them. We’ve gathered a list of exciting style backstories you might want to read about.

After Countless IVF Treatments, Luise Gave Birth to Her First Child at the Age of 52, and She’s Now Planning Her Second

After Luise Hoehn and her husband spent around six years and over $200,000 on IVF treatments and were finally able to become happy parents, she decided to share her story with the rest of the world. She has no regrets about the money spent and is convinced that it’s possible to become a mother at the age of 52, as long as you don’t lose hope and don’t give up.

18 Annoying Situations That Are Lurking Around Every Corner

Some researchers believe that an average person gets irritated up to 3 times a day. This sounds quite realistic, because there are more than enough things in our lives to drive us crazy. For example, your family members may open a new jar of jam before finishing the old one. Or tourists may take up the seats on the beach but don’t actually use them. So, the only good solution when you can’t change the situation is to change your attitude to it, and start laughing instead.

Penn Badgley Almost Refused His Role in “You” Due to Many Explicit Scenes but Accepted It Thanks to His Wife’s Support

Penn Badgley is known to many viewers for his roles as the enigmatic Dan Humphrey in Gossip Girl and the ominous Joe Goldberg in You. In real life, Penn is not like his characters. He is a loving father and husband who values faithfulness in marriage so much that he is willing to do anything, even sacrifice a lead role in a TV series.

17 Times Stars Showed How They Prepare for Their Public Appearances

The Oscars, Emmys, and Met Gala ceremonies require celebrities to look stunning. Celebrities have access to the best cosmetologists, makeup artists, and stylists with their secrets of flawless looks. We have decided to collect the stars who don’t keep secrets about how they prepare for red carpet events and allow us to take a sneak peek at the process behind their magical transformation into screen, music, and runway divas.