Zac Efron Knows That Family Is the Most Important Thing. He Spends Weekends With Relatives and Adores His Sister, Who’s 32 Years Younger Than Him

Few things in the world can compare with the happiness of having a big and loving family. Zac Efron knows this very well and tries to spend plenty of time with his relatives. Our hearts melt like ice cream in summer when we see how much he cares for every single one of his relatives.

25 Red Carpet Outfits That Reveal More and More Intriguing Details the Longer You Look at Them

Celebrities’ red-carpet appearances always cause heated online discussions. And it’s no wonder, as stars tend to wear the best designer dresses available. But it’s not that easy sometimes to assess the beauty of a gorgeous dress from one angle only. That being said, we’ve found photos that show red-carpet dresses in all their glory.

A Retired Man Naps With Shelter Cats Every Day, and Thanks to That, He Raised $100,000

Retired teacher Terry Lauerman has loved cats ever since he was a child. When he retired, he decided to make his old dream come true and work with animals. He became a volunteer for Safe Haven Pet Sanctuary, where he planned to take care of cats for several hours a day. But a certain habit quickly turned Lauerman into a star.

20+ Posts Proving That The World Is Full of Beautiful People

If you feel that it’s only Hollywood producers and scriptwriters who can come up with interesting plots that can make viewers around the world admire them and shed tears over them, you are wrong. Ordinary Twitter users are actually capable of coming up with captivating things in under 280 symbols that you probably won’t be able to read without a bunch of tissues to wipe your eyes. When you come to realize that the stories they tell are real, the degree of emotionality increases a hundredfold.

Serena Williams Is Getting Hate for Her Build, but Alexis Ohanian Stands by His Wife and Thinks She’s the Most Attractive Woman

Serena Williams has often had to listen to comments about her build. The famous tennis player can stand up for herself, but it’s nice to see her husband take her side and help in fighting off the haters with the perfect joke, or even a straight-forward comment.

What Would 16 Stars Look Like if Their Faces Were Completely Symmetrical

Most celebrities’ faces can be described by many as perfect. But what if that ideal was taken to another level? Once again, we’ve decided to conduct an experiment, and we’d love to show you what the fans’ favorites would look like if their faces obeyed the laws of perfect symmetry.

Emilia Clarke Posted a Selfie Where She Had Visible Wrinkles and She Was Accused of “Being Old.” But In the End, Thousands of People Supported Her

It would seem that today it has already become normal not to dye gray hair if you don’t want to and just be yourself. However, there are still those who will insist that a woman needs to look in a strictly defined way. Emilia Clarke decided to age naturally, without “beauty injections,” and posted her selfie on social media. But this caused a real storm of comments from those who were dissatisfied with the fact that the legendary Daenerys had obviously grown older.

15 Stars Who Went Through a Breakup But Ended Up Being Happier Single

It’s not easy for any couple when a long-term relationship comes to an end. But a recent study has shown that many people feel happier and healthier when they’re single rather than married. And some celebrities who have chosen to separate from their other halves and are now perfectly happy with that decision can serve as proof of this.

20 Famous Women Who Don’t Need Makeup to Feel Irresistible

The time when women felt obligated to wear makeup is nearly over. According to a recent survey, most women feel confident enough with their bare faces, and only nearly 2 of every 5 women admit that they need makeup to make them feel confident. We believe it’s great progress, as there’s something captivating about women’s natural beauty. So we’ve selected 15 celebrities who ditch makeup whenever possible and inspire us to do the same.

19 People Who Found a Surprise in Their Own Clothes

Clothing manufacturers always try to add interesting features to their items that their competitors don’t have. For example, they can add a funny embroidery, attach an unusual label or hidden pocket, or make a whistle or a bottle opener out of belt buckles. Sometimes these features remain unknown until their owners suddenly discover them a few months or even years after the purchase.

Jack Black Fell in Love With Tanya Haden Back at School and Waited 15 Years Before Asking Her Out

Comedian Jack Black has been married since 2006. His soulmate is singer and artist Tanya Haden. In their marriage, they have 2 sons, and the celebrity father, who wasn’t ready to have a family before, adores them. But few people know that the actor needed 15 years to work up the courage to tell Tanya about his feelings. And the reason was that he was just shy.

20+ People Whose Day Turned Into a Comedy Sketch

Imagine you’re a guest in a hotel and everything is absolutely normal and ordinary there. Then you go to the bathroom and suddenly see a sign that says showering is forbidden. Yes, such situations can leave you feeling confused, but, at the same time, they’re quite funny and bring diversity to your life.

Acting in “Harry Potter” Saved Evanna Lynch From Her Illness. Now She Helps Millions of Girls Accept Themselves

According to statistics, about half of young girls are familiar with strict diets firsthand. Millions of kids worry about their weight and damage their health trying to lose weight. So, it is all the more valuable when celebrities find the strength to talk openly about their illnesses. For example, actress Evanna Lynch, famous for playing Luna Lovegood in Harry Potter, shared with her fans about how she suffered from an eating disorder and gave them hope that it is possible to fight and overcome this illness.

15 People Whose Parents Set Some Pretty Strange Rules

Strict parents are not that surprising anymore, we all know a friend whose parents barely let them do anything on their own. There are many good and selfish reasons why parents are strict. Some demanding parents have high standards for their kids, however there are certain things you shouldn’t control in your kids’ lives.

Jenna Ortega Doesn’t Even Want to Think About a Relationship As She’s Not Ready to Sacrifice Her Career

In the acclaimed Netflix series Wednesday, the main character is courted by two suitors, creating a real love triangle. In real life, however, Jenna Ortega doesn’t even want to think about being involved in a relationship. She has decided to focus on her career and honestly admits that the thought of entrusting her feelings to someone else scares her.

A 23-Year-Old Teacher Adopted Two Teenage Girls and Faced Heaps of Hate Over Her Age

According to statistics, the average age of a parent adopting a child in the US is 44. Unsurprisingly, the decision made by the young couple, who are both in their early 20s, stunned the public. Their video of adopting two teenage girls has racked up over seven million views and very mixed reactions.

18+ People Who Attempted to Transform Their Look, with Mixed Results

There are so many tutorials online that show you how to do pretty much everything possible with hair and makeup, and they make it look so easy. Maybe that is one reason why people feel that they can do pretty much everything by themselves. But, in reality, they should just trust the professionals who know better. However, there are times when even professionals mess things up and make us feel like we have wasted our money.

11 Practical Tips on Color Psychology That Will Help You to Always Be on Top of the World

For many people, it can be hard to decide what to wear on different occasions, like a job interview, a corporate party, or a first date. The most popular approach is to wear something that looks best on you. But it’s not always the optimal choice because sometimes the secret is to choose colors that will convey a certain message to other people.

20+ Kids Who Found Unique Ways to Show Their Parents Love

As children grow up, they can give and do many things for their parents. But it’s hard not to tear up at their very first attempts at gift-giving when they use all their creativity and imagination to demonstrate their love. Several Internet users shared these touching moments from their lives, and we couldn’t just scroll past them!

The Story of Adam Pearson, Who Didn’t Want to Spend His Life Suffering and Chose to Inspire Millions of Viewers With His Work

Adam Pearson is a British actor, presenter, and social activist who, as a child, was diagnosed with a rare condition called neurofibromatosis. It changed Adam’s appearance dramatically. Faced with this stigma, he didn’t give up but instead decided to tell the world about this disease and, at the same time, build a career in film and television.