The Story of Chris Pratt, Who Went From Homelessness to Becoming a Movie Star but Remained a Guy From a Simple Family at Heart

Chris Pratt has come to be loved by film and TV audiences in a wide variety of genres: comedies (Parks and Recreation), romance (Passengers), and action (Guardians of the Galaxy). But in his youth, Chris didn’t consider an acting career seriously, took any job he could get, and was even homeless for a while. A chance encounter helped him find his calling, change his mother’s life, and make his father proud.

“I’m Absolutely Loving Being a Dad.” Rupert Grint Named His Daughter Wednesday and Has Already Given Her a Magic Wand

The star of the Harry Potter franchise, Rupert Grint, will always be the red-haired, sincere, and brave Ron Weasley to the millions of fans of the saga. But to his daughter, no matter how many iconic roles he has yet to play, the actor will forever be a dad. And Rupert has already proven to be a very gentle and caring father.

20 People Who Prove That, in a Good Marriage, There is Always Something to Joke About

There are some unwritten rules that come with sharing your life with another person, like bickering over who gets to use the toilet first, singing late ’90s songs, secretly watching another Netflix episode, and so on. Today, we have husbands and wives that, no matter what, choose to bless their union with some laughter and humor.

A Woman Talked About How Her Boss Built a Little House for Each Employee, and Now Many People Want to Work for Him

When Kylie posted a TikTok showing the interior of her unusual office, many people thought she worked on a movie set. The mini houses really look a lot like the ones from villages and towns in Pixar animated films.

Susan Sarandon’s Daughter Said Being a Child in a Family of Stars Was Like “Growing Up in the Circus.” The Actress Took No Offense, and Made a Clever Retort

Susan Sarandon, the Oscar-winning actress beloved by many, was able to combine a stunning acting career with the role of mother to three children. Her eldest daughter, Eva, calls the opportunity to grow up alongside such a star mother a “unique experience,” but also speaks of it as “being part of the circus.”

20+ People Who Prove There’s No Escaping Your Genes

While thousands of researchers are currently studying genetics, around 20% of genes are still a mystery to us. That’s likely why we’re left to wonder how a man today could look so much like his grandparents who lived centuries before. Some resemblances are so wild, they can even surprise scientists themselves.

Old Friends Kourtney Kardashian and Travis Barker Got Married and Became a Perfect Stepmom and Stepdad for Each Other’s Kids

It’s often hard for parents to decide to start a new relationship because they don’t know how their kids will feel about a new stepmom or stepdad. It may be even harder if the partner already has a child of their own. But it didn’t stop Kourtney Kardashian and Travis Barker. They took the risk and got married, and now, they’re enjoying their new lives.

20+ Photos of Favorite Hollywood Stars When They Were Young and Inexperienced

When we take a look at our old photo albums that have been hidden away for years — dusty yet full of special memories — we’re hit with feelings of nostalgia, love, and what-ifs. Some of our favorite Hollywood stars are so close to our hearts that we can’t imagine them as kids — well, look no further.

19 Women Proudly Show Off the Marks Pregnancy and Postpartum Left on Their Bodies, Helping Others Accept Themselves

Nine months of pregnancy and going through childbirth change a woman’s body. Some moms have to get used to the way they look all over again — they are embarrassed by their stretch marks or get upset over hair loss. But all of this is undoubtedly overshadowed by the joy that a new baby brings.

17 Celebrities Show How to Look Younger with the Right Hairstyle

The first signs of aging appear on our faces through wrinkles, fine lines, and saggy skin. And while there are cosmetic procedures or skincare products that could help us keep that youthful glow, styling our hair correctly is one anti-aging hack that doesn’t break the bank. All it takes is choosing the right cut, form, and color.

“I’m 23 and Parent to a 17-Year-Old.” Student Becomes Mom to a Teenager and Doesn’t Miss Partying or Her Former Freedom

When Hunter Nelson posted a video on TikTok in which she revealed that she had become a mom to 15-year-old Gracie at the age of 21, her post quickly racked up millions of views. Many people genuinely wondered how she managed to have a baby at the age of six.

What 16 Stars Would Look Like if Their Makeup Was Washed Off Right Before They Hit the Red Carpet

When we think about red carpet looks, we imagine full-on glam makeup and flawless attire. Getting a celebrity red-carpet-ready takes a full team of specialists and weeks of preparation. We wanted to see for ourselves how some of our favorite female celebrities would look if they were to ditch the heavy makeup and go bare-faced.

20+ Women Who Said “No” to Boring Wedding Dresses

Wedding dresses are special, mainly because we wear them on one of the most important days in our life. But many brides want their outfits to be as original as possible. And their fantasy can only be admired.

Divorce Disrupted Meg Ryan’s Career, but She Found Happiness in Raising Her Son and Adopted Daughter

When Meg Ryan, the renowned queen of romantic comedies, suddenly disappeared from the screens, many blamed it on the actress’ latest failed projects. But Ryan says fame and success kept her from realizing herself and living life to the fullest. So she left the film industry without any regrets, going on to raise two children in peace and do what she loves without drawing too much attention to herself.

17 Stars Whose Instagram Photos Are Different From Reality

Like us, celebrities carefully choose the photos they want to share with their followers online. Some prefer perfect shots, others like more realistic ones. But professional photographers just want to capture a nice moment, and they don’t really care about a flattering angle. So, it’s very interesting to compare pictures taken on the same day!

15+ Photos of Celebrities That Show How Makeup Trends Have Changed Over the Last Decades

Fashion changes fast, and what looked trendy and stylish a decade or 2 ago may look somewhat strange now. Makeup is no exception, and when we look at our photos taken in the ‘00s, we sometimes wonder what we were thinking when we applied that neon blue eyeshadow, painted our lips bright pink, and plucked our eyebrows way too much.

15 Times People Got Lucky and Accidentally Captured a True Masterpiece

Photography is an unpredictable art. Variables like lighting, angle and camera quality all play an important part in the end result. For that reason, people sometimes accidentally find themselves with a mind-blowing pic. Whether it’s an optical illusion or a unique moment that was captured, people everywhere have shared their lucky shots.

“We Said Yes.” After a String of Failed Romances, Rebel Wilson Got Engaged to Ramona Agruma and Is Happier Than Ever

On the 19th of February, 2023, Rebel Wilson shared some amazing news on her Instagram page — she got engaged to her beloved Ramona. The actress announced her engagement with a sweet post captioned, “We said yes.” This couple’s love story is just beginning, and we’d like to join in on congratulating them.

19 People Whose Unusual Features Make Them Stand Out From the Crowd

Humans are one of the most unique species on our planet. In addition to countless combinations of our external qualities, many of us can boast features or characteristics of our bodies that set us apart. Some of them can bring a chuckle or a smile to those around us, whereas others can leave you truly amazed.

9 Celebrity Beauties Who Have Left Their Faces Alone and Are Enjoying Natural Beauty

Hollywood stars seem to become even more radiant and stunning as the years go by. And even though they have access to the most advanced cosmetic procedures of our time, some famous women insist that their beauty is all-natural. And we are infinitely curious to find out whether their healthy lifestyle, good genes, or any other factors allow them to look so naturally breathtaking.