Brendan Fraser Won a Well-Deserved Oscar and Shared the Joy With His Family, As Well As Making the Rest of the World Euphoric

This year’s Oscar ceremony brought a lot of emotion to all the participants and the audience. But the culmination of all the excitement was Brendan Fraser receiving the award for Best Actor. The audience applauded him, while the actor himself teared up and delivered a moving speech. We, too, can’t hide our joy and join in honoring the winner.

20 People That Saw Things Their Brains Couldn’t Fathom

UFOs, weird prints on the wall, Slenderman walking in the forest, and a ghost without a head guarding the cemetery — here are some examples of the strangest things Internet users have seen. We’re honestly having a hard time finding a logical explanation for these phenomena.

Kourtney Kardashian Shot a Cool Reply to Those Who Tried to Pry About Her Pregnancy Situation

Many people are used to stars looking perfect. So as soon as their figure changes, people bombard them with the same question: “Are you pregnant?” Except sometimes, these words can open up a deep wound and hurt their feelings. Kourtney Kardashian went through an unsuccessful IVF process and when she was once again asked, tactlessly, about future motherhood, she responded in a way that many can take note of.

15 People Tell Their Story of How a Complete Stranger Saved Them From Danger

Almost every day, we interact with strangers who are willing to lend a helping hand with some mundane task — holding the lift door open, giving directions, or pulling the stroller onto the porch. But sometimes, it so happens that our safety or even our lives depend on people we’ve never seen before. Meanwhile, some, like the girls in the bonus story, come up with their own personal lifehacks to avoid trouble.

17 Celebrities Who Have Masterfully Disguised Their Pregnancies From the Public

Maternity style has changed radically over the past few decades. Nowadays, expecting moms don’t have to cover or hide their bellies and can show them off with form-fitting outfits. Still, some celebrities prefer to wait for their pregnancy announcements. That’s why they decide to conceal their bumps using clever style tricks, such as dark colors, flowy dresses, or interesting patterns.

Vincent Cassel Is Happy to Be Surrounded by Strong Women, and His New Marriage Hasn’t Ruined the Relationship With His Ex-Wife

Most people will know Vincent Cassel for his portrayal of anti-heroes. But in reality, the French actor couldn’t be more different from his screen persona. At 56, he is happily married, raising children, and trying to keep himself in good physical shape, not only for professional reasons but also so he can spend quality time with his 3-year-old daughter.

20+ Celebrities Who Prove We Age a Bit Differently Nowadays

Brigitte Bardot, Rita Hayworth, Hedy Lamarr, and other stars of the twentieth century will always remain iconic for people that love movies. The films they were in can be watched an infinite number of times, and we still enjoy the elegance and charm of these ladies. And it’s quite interesting to look at pictures of them compared to the stars of the same age today.

Brendan Gleeson Started Acting at 34. He Didn’t Just Become Successful Himself, But Also Helped 2 of His Sons Into the Profession

Hollywood is full of actors who played their iconic roles at a young age. So, one might think that the later one starts their acting career, the harder it is to make it. While this may be true, it was not a problem for Brendan Gleeson, who made his film debut at the age of 34. After over 30 years in the industry, he was nominated for an Oscar, which is an amazing success.

Mariska Hargitay Gave Birth at 42 and Adopted Two Kids at 47. Now She Sometimes Hides Out for a Moment of Peace but Has No Regrets

Sometimes it seems like for celebrities, everything comes easily and goes smoothly; even when they have kids, they seem to not keep them up at night. But in reality, all is not that simple. Mariska Hargitay always dreamt of having a big family but could only give birth at 42. And five years later, she adopted a daughter and a son. Now the Law & Order star lives a frantic life, but she’s happy and adores her family.

12 Mysterious Disappearances That Still Have Historians Puzzled

When people suddenly disappear without a trace, these events quickly get surrounded by many legends. For some incidents, such as the disappearance of Amelia Earhart, researchers have subsequently found perfectly reasonable and justifiable explanations. But some cases, like that of Marie Empress, the silent film star, or Dorothy Arnold, the New York socialite, remain unsolved. These stories are still the subject of lively debate, and scholars never get tired of putting forward different versions of events.

18 People Who Dispose Of Other People’s Things in Their Own Way

Because of social media, people suffer more and more from a shortage of face-to-face communication. So, a normal visit to someone else’s place can become something special. But, alas, hosts don’t always feel the same. Some guests may leave a pile of trash behind, make the bathtub dirty, or treat themselves to the hosts’ soap.

17 People Who Will Never Forget Their Ex

There are many different reasons why couples break up, but sometimes it’s not both of them who want to move on. And usually, when one of them is still very much invested in the relationship, unexpected, if not crazy things can happen. From countless missed calls and messages to other more serious occurrences, exes can be very intimidating.

14 Famous Supermodels of the Last Century Whose Beauty Time Cannot Erase

Some people may think that modeling is not a big deal — you just need a cute face, a thin figure, and enough height to become a model. But there are top models that not only became famous for their appearance but also for their charisma and self-confidence, like Linda Evangelista and Naomi Campbell.

18 Celebrity Couples That Are Going to Have Another Baby This Year

Stars love talking about how happy they are because they’re going to be parents soon. And we enjoy it when actors, musicians, athletes, and other famous people show off their bellies and post their ultrasound scans. Also, fans are always eager to see the first baby bump photos.

At 11 Years Old, Pixie Is a Millionaire. She Earns £110,000 a Month From Toys but Is Retiring so She Can Focus on Her Schoolwork

Retirement is usually associated with people who are old enough to have had a career and a long list of professional achievements. But at 11, Pixie Curtis from Australia is ready to retire. And that’s because over the past few years she’s become a millionaire by selling toys of her own production.

20+ People Who Decided It Is Better to Be Without Money Than to Spend Even One Day at an Awful Job

The first day at a new job can be exciting, but that can quickly change when you realize the job is not at all what you expected. In those moments, it’s best to run away before it’s too late, and people online know this all too well. So they decided to share the red flags that led them to submit their resignation in record time.

17 Pairs of Celebrities You Probably Had No Idea Were the Same Age

No matter what their age, celebrities are always stunningly gorgeous. However, we often have a hard time figuring out which of our favorite stars are the same age. Sometimes, our brain can’t fathom the fact that two celebrities were born in the same year.

20+ Real-Life Coincidences That Look Like CGI

Sometimes, life has such amazing coincidences for us that you just can’t make them up. For example, when your clothes are exactly the same as your couch, or when you find 2 very similar rocks in very different places, at very different times. We want to share these stories with as many people as possible. This is what the people from this article did.

10 Times Celebrities Admitted That They Regret Wearing Certain Red Carpet Outfits

Outfits are an essential part of celebrities’ image. People follow stars’ red carpet walks, discuss new dresses and suits, and remember the most iconic looks the red carpet has ever seen. However, not every outfit turns out to be celebrities’ best choice. Sometimes, it is the failure the stars can’t forget.

19 Actresses Who Got Their Oscar Garb Straight Off the Runway and Added a Special Touch to Their Look

Every year, the Oscar Awards ceremony draws the attention of millions of fans from around the world. While some of them are left guessing who is gonna get that sought-after statuette, others are attracted by the celebrities’ looks. All because the red carpet has already become a kind of runway for showing off outfits. As a rule, most of them are custom-tailored. But there are also cases where actresses decide to opt for dresses from the collections presented by designers.