20 Men Who Won’t Get Rid Of Their Beard Even In Exchange For Three Wishes

There are many ways to style your beard: you can braid it, decorate it like a Christmas tree, stash food in it, or work as a Santa Claus. Some people can even get addicted to it. Otherwise, how could we explain why so many people all over the world are so fond of their beards? We found the photos of men who’ve grown a gorgeous beard and who won’t part with it no matter what.

19 Bold Outfits Celebrities Wore With Flair

Our clothing can subconsciously say a lot about our personality. For celebrities who have to get used to being in the public eye 24/7, fashion isn’t just a way to stand out in front of their adoring fans, but also a reflection of their creativity. These celebrities showed up on the red carpet determined to leave our minds blown with their originality.

20+ People Who Can Grow a Blooming Garden Even in the Desert

The heroes of our article know that plants sometimes need as much care as pets. And it seems that they can turn any withered and lifeless plant into a luxuriant, blooming bush. We are sure you can also revive even hopelessly withered plants with the proper care.

Maria Shriver Reveals How a Therapist Helped Her Get Through Her Divorce From Arnold Schwarzenegger and Stay Friends With Him

Any breakup, especially after a long relationship, leaves permanent scars on our souls. We can keep paying attention to them and keep picking at old wounds, or we can treat this painful period of our lives as a lesson and the start of a new phase. The latter is exactly what Maria Shriver did. After her divorce from Arnold Schwarzenegger, she was able to maintain the strong family they had built and rise above past disagreements and resentments.

The First Sign Language Interpreter in the History of Super Bowl Was So on Fire That She Even Outshone Rihanna

The 2023 Super Bowl was memorable not only for the game itself, but also for Rihanna’s pregnancy. It was her first appearance on stage since 2018. But she wasn’t the only one that drew people’s attention. The 20-year-old hard-of-hearing sign language interpreter during Rihanna’s performance became a social media star. It’s impossible to count the TikTok videos that have now been made about this talented girl. Some people think that she even outshone the headliner.

17 Celebrity Pics That Will Convince You to Revive the Y2K-Style Eyebrows

By now, we’ve all come to realize that fashion trends are cyclical. This has a lot to do with nostalgia and throwback culture, and it’s also kind of easy to recycle something that once dominated our styles in the past. Today, we’re playing around with the idea of bringing back skinny eyebrows from the early 2000s. You might think we’re crazy, but don’t knock it until you see how these brows can freshen up any look — just take these gorgeous celebs as an example.

Sam Smith Revealed That They Finally Love Their Body And Have the Opposite of Body Dysmorphia. “I Look Fabulous”

The path to self-acceptance is not always an easy one. It’s not uncommon to face misunderstandings and doubts. Musician Sam Smith has worked on themselves for years, to finally be able to say out loud: “I look fabulous.” Their example proves that neither popularity nor money can replace the pleasure of being yourself.

18 People Who Didn’t Spend a Lot of Money on Their Wedding but Relied on Originality and Individuality Instead

A wedding is one of the most important days in our life. Many couples are willing to go to great expense to make the whole thing memorable and special. Others achieve similar results with an unconventional approach and use their own skills, preferring to spend their money on something else.

20+ Things That Drive People Up the Wall Day by Day

Pieces of paper that mess up your freshly cleaned jeans, holes instead of bread, or simply shameless people, there are so many ways to go nuts! That’s why sometimes we need someone to hug us and say, “You’re not alone.” We found 21 people who diffused their anger with humor.

Miranda Kerr Treats Orlando Bloom Like a Brother After Divorcing Him and Is Friends With His New Wife

Supermodel and ex-Victoria’s Secret angel, Miranda Kerr, is happily married for the second time and has a big family. She may be a great role model for many women who got divorced and are raising kids from their first marriage. She’s raising several kids, she’s friends with her ex and his new wife, and she’s enjoying her life.

16 People Who Found Themselves in Such an Awkward Situation That They’re Still Embarrassed About It

Most of us have a heap of stories that makes us feel embarrassed just at the thought of them. But the Internet users in today’s compilation had the courage to post them for the entire world to read. And we thought that the best weapon against shame is laughter, so we decided to share them with you.

Daniel Craig Has Become the Highest-Paid Actor, and He Plans to Spend His Millions and Not Leave Them to His Kids

Over the past decade, Daniel Craig has gone from being a talented British actor to an internationally renowned movie star. However, he doesn’t enjoy all the aspects of fame. Craig and his wife, Rachel Weisz, try to hide as many personal details as possible from the public eye and are determined to give their offspring a normal childhood. And as for their multimillion-dollar fortune, they want to find a more appropriate use for it than simply passing it on to the next generation.

Paul Rudd Says That He Didn’t Correct His Son’s Belief That He Worked at a Movie Theater

Paul Rudd, renowned for his appearances in the movies «Ant-Man and the Wasp» and «Avengers: Endgame,» recently revealed that his children were not aware of his acting career while they were growing up.

Taylor Lautner Discussed His Body Image Concerns Caused By His Role In “Twilight”

You are likely familiar with Taylor Lautner, who gained widespread recognition by portraying Jacob in the Twilight movie series. As Jacob, Taylor became infamous for frequently appearing shirtless in the Twilight films. In a recent podcast interview with his spouse, Tay Dome Lautner, Taylor shared how the arduous exercise routine he followed throughout the Twilight movies influenced his personal body image perception.

Claire Danes Got Pregnant Unexpectedly at the Age of 43. Her Kids Aren’t Happy About It, but She’s Ready to Welcome Her Third Child to the Family

Claire Danes has long been successful both in her career as an actress and in her personal life. She’s been married for 14 years, has two sons, and wasn’t even thinking of making any changes. However, in January 2023, 43-year-old Claire appeared on the red carpet with a baby bump. She admitted that this pregnancy was unplanned, but she and her spouse are ready for it, despite the fact that their sons are seriously against it.

18 People Who Went Through a Lot to Find Themselves

Many people spend a lifetime working on themselves. And it’s so inspiring to see those who have found their inner strength and have finally achieved their fullest potential, building on their dreams. These are the kind of heroes we wanted to share with the world, so we’ve made this compilation for you.

John Legend Says His and Chrissy Teigen’s Kids Initially Felt “a Little Jealous” but Eventually Adjusted to the Arrival of Their New Sibling

Prior to the arrival of their baby Esti, John Legend and Chrissy Teigen expressed concerns about how their children would respond to her. They admitted to having some hesitations.«We weren’t sure how they would take it,» Legend explained during an interview. «I felt like they were a little jealous when mommy was pregnant.»

Adele Met Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson at the Grammys, and It Was a Dream Come True for Her

During his opening monologue at the Grammys on February 5, Trevor Noah made Adele’s dream come true. Adele was nominated for seven awards at the event, but Noah found a way to make her night even more special. As he walked around the venue where music’s biggest stars were seated at small tables, he tried to learn fun facts about many of the attendees. When he reached Adele, he discovered that the person she always wanted to meet was Dwayne «The Rock» Johnson. She had never met him before, and Noah introduced them to each other.

Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez Team Up as Co-Workers at Dunkin’ Donuts in a Comical Super Bowl Advertisement

It’s indisputable that the beloved pair, Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez, make a stunning duo. They recently starred in a comical Super Bowl advertisement for Dunkin’ Donuts, which has garnered immense popularity among netizens. Affleck has been a devoted fan of Dunkin’ Donuts throughout his life, and this has also been a recurring joke. It was long overdue for him to be featured in a Super Bowl ad, and they executed it flawlessly.

“Our Life Is Normal and Silly and Fun”. Interabled Сouple Are Happy Together, Despite What Many People Don’t Believe

Hannah Aylward and Shane Burcaw, two YouTubers, are well-acquainted with individuals making false and often outlandish assumptions about their romantic partnership. Being a couple where one person has a physical disability and the other does not, and sharing their daily lives online, they have been subjected to ableist and unkind remarks regarding the authenticity of their marriage.