Megan Fox Follows Eminem and Now Everyone Is Sure That She Has Broken Up With Machine Gun Kelly

There are speculations that Megan Fox and Machine Gun Kelly have broken up as the actor recently unfollowed him on Instagram and deleted all pictures featuring the rapper. Adding to the rumors, Fox’s latest post shows her with a different man in some pictures, and a video of her burning some items with a caption that reads «You can taste the dishonesty/it’s all over your breath.» Fans believe that these actions are indicative of a breakup. Furthermore, Megan Fox has started following Eminem on Instagram, which has fueled the rumors even further.

Paris Hilton Gives Birth for the First Time With the Help of a Surrogate and Praised Her Husband as an “Incredible Father”

Paris Hilton shared a heartfelt birthday message for her husband, Carter Reum, on Instagram after the couple welcomed their first child together. In the post, she referred to Reum as «the love of my life» and «the most incredible father to our baby boy,» while expressing her pride in calling him hers. The pair attended the 2023 Grammys together later that day, and Reum confirmed that he is also a father to a daughter from a previous relationship. Hilton has previously spoken about freezing her eggs and their plans to start a family in 2023.

Woman Found $15,000 on Her Way to Work And Returned It. And as a Reward, She Received Four Times the Money

If life gives you lemons, make lemonade, but if life gives you a $15 000 check, it’s wise to return it. That’s precisely what a kind-hearted woman did after stumbling upon a wad of cash on her commute to work. Diane Gordon, a Michigan resident, experienced car trouble and had been walking a total of six miles to work and back five times a week since then. However, good fortune smiled upon her when she performed an act of kindness.

Margot Robbie Says Achieving Instant Fame from Her Role in the Wolf of Wall Street Was “Pretty Awful”

In just a few short years, Margot Robbie rose from her role on the Australian soap opera Neighbours to international fame. However, the 32-year-old star now reflects that her ascent to the A-list was not as great as it may have seemed.

Twins Who Share Everything, Including Showers, Are Now Trying to Get Pregnant by the Same Man

Anna and Lucy Decinque, from Perth, have gained the reputation of being the world’s ’most identical twins’ for good reason. Not only did they share a womb, but as they grew up, they continued to share various aspects of their lives, including an Instagram page, showers, and even a lover.

Viola Davis Has Achieved EGOT Status by Winning a Grammy Award for Her Narration of a Memoir Audiobook: “I Just EGOT!”

It is official: Viola Davis has achieved EGOT status! «It has just been such a journey,» said Viola Davis as she accepted the Grammy Award for best audiobook, narration & storytelling recording for her memoir Finding Me, which brought her to EGOT status.

“I’m Representing 50+ Women Who Look Their Age.” Supermodel Paulina Porizkova Impressed Everyone Posing for Vogue at 57 Years Old

The career of Czech model Paulina Porizkova started in the early 1980s. Over the next two decades, she worked with many famous brands and appeared on numerous covers of fashion magazines. In the 2000s, her modeling jobs became scarcer, and Paulina tried herself at acting and writing. But recently, she has managed to break back into the fashion world, this time with a new message that a woman can be attractive at any age.

14 Kids Who Can Make Their Parents’ Jaw Drop With One Phrase

It’s rare that a child isn’t admired by their family. But some Internet users have revealed such remarkable stories from their daily parenting routine that it’s clearly time to start applauding their kids. That’s why we’ve compiled some of the most particularly noteworthy antics and comments from the little mischief-makers.

14 Stars That Once Lost All Their Wealth and Almost Went Broke

No one is immune to financial problems... Not even celebrities. The rich and famous can also lose everything in one day and go broke. Some spent money without thinking, while others were let down by unscrupulous employees. Fortunately, almost all of them managed to get out of debt and get back on their feet.

20+ People Faced Such Bad Luck That We Want to Ask Them, “Why Is Karma Punishing You Like This?”

A girl who tried so hard to bake a nice khachapuri but just got a bun instead, a man who bought a heart-shaped bike rear light that looked funny, or a pet owner who gave their dog a rib-tickling DIY haircut. These are just a few examples of how people wanted the best but got a little mess instead, and we totally feel their pain! We know that failure is the mother of experience, and today we’ve collected 21 stories from people who learned from their mistakes and were able to smile in the face of misfortune.

“When You Become a Mom, You Feel Like You Could Take on the World.” Rihanna Is Pregnant With a Second Child, and We’re Incredibly Happy for Her

Rihanna appeared at the Super Bowl LVII arena during the break to sing her hits. The singer wore tight overalls, and a little belly was seen underneath. So many spectators were slightly confused — she didn’t announce her pregnancy during the show.

11 Famous Actors and Actresses Whose First and Last Names Match Those of Other Celebrities

Every actor wants to be recognized in different corners of the world, to the point that the public remembers him or her just by hearing their name. However, it has happened more than once that from other disciplines, there are famous and outstanding people whose name and surname is similar or even the same as that of other actors or actresses. The most surprising thing is that these namesakes are not actual relatives.

17 Photos Proving That the Meaning of the Word “Cool” Changes Over Time

Trends change a lot, and some of them don’t age so well. A lot of people may feel embarrassed when looking at the pictures from the past and realizing they didn’t look as cool as they thought they did. However, instead of letting embarrassment take over, the people featured in this article decided to have a good laugh at themselves and share their past with the Internet.

Taylor Swift and Harry Styles Were an Iconic Couple, and Today They Prove That Friendship With an Ex Is Possible

A breakup is something that happens in almost everyone’s life sooner or later. For many people, it’s a difficult time when they have to learn to deal with their emotions and continue to live without their partners. And it’s probably much harder when you have millions of fans and dozens of tactless tabloids watching you. But Harry Styles and Taylor Swift managed not only to survive their breakup and a splash in the media but also get a happy ending for their story, becoming good friends and colleagues.

15 Celebrities’ Kids Who Stepped Out of Their Famous Parent’s Shadow and Showed the World Who They Are

Acting and music dynasties are not uncommon in the world of show business. Indeed, when you grow up surrounded by creative and talented people, it’s hard to not inherit this desire to become one of them. And the people in this compilation are a clear proof of that.

Alessandra Ambrosio Isn’t Chasing Her Youth and Believes It’s Perfectly Normal for Your Appearance to Change With Age

Alessandra Ambrosio is considered a fashion icon. She is known for her work with the lingerie brand Victoria’s Secret, where she was an “Angel” from 2004 to 2017. During the 2011 show, Alessandra wore the heaviest wings ever made for the show, weighing 30 lbs. And at the peak of her career, in 2012, she was ranked 5th on Forbes magazine’s list of the highest-paid models. And she’s been able to achieve all of this thanks to her exceptional dedication to work and belief in her abilities, even when other models would be hesitant to step onto the catwalk.

Barry Keoghan Lost His Mom, Lived with 13 Foster Families, and Dared to Become an Actor. Now, He’s an Oscar Nominee

In recent years, actor Barry Keoghan has appeared in several famous movies (such as Dunkirk, The Batman, The Banshees of Inisherin) and become an Oscar nominee. He might seem to be a lucky guy, but success wasn’t easy for him. Back when he was a child, he had to deal with a big loss, and his persistence and patience helped him get roles.

We Placed 15+ Actors Side by Side With the People They Played to See the Resemblance

Playing real people in the movies can be tough because the audience compares the screen image with the real-life prototype. The heroes of our article took the plunge and dared to play iconic personas that people all over the world know very well, from Freddie Mercury and Elton John to Princess Diana and Jackie Kennedy.

How a Note Helped to Reunite a Homeless Mom-of-Two With Her Beloved Dog Lilo

Our love for our four-legged friends sometimes knows no limits, and statistics back that up. Americans spend almost $100 billion on their pets. This makes stories of abandoned pets all the more heart-breaking. Social media users found one such story from Tennessee particularly touching.

16 Celebrities Who Have Openly Shared Their Experiences of Having Children Through Surrogacy

Whether it is due to fertility problems or other issues, many couples decide to start a family through surrogacy. While some people might find that uncommon, there are actually many couples out there doing it, including several celebrities, who, for different reasons, opted for this method to have their children.